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"How do I invite magic and serendipity in my life?" and Other Mini Stories

                                  Mini-Stories and Musings on Wisdom and Love


From 'grudge story' to 'guilt story' to 'peace story' 
Then one day she came to know of his complete story. And she decided to forgive him,  But the 'grudge story' had now become the 'guilt story'. 
And then one day she decided to forgive herself too. And now the 'grudge story' finally became the 'peace story'.  And with the peace story in place, she lived happily thereafter.
"How do I invite magic and serendipity?"
The student asks,"How do I invite magic and serendipity in my life?"
The master, "Match your frequency with the frequency of the universe by staying in a state of love and gratitude."
The student, "But how do I stay in a state of love all the time?"
The master, "Firstly surround yourself with people and things you love, to the extent possible. Secondly love the r…

So What Have You Done Today, "Quack, Quack or Soar, Soar?" and other Mini-Stories

Mini-Stories and Musings on Wisdom and Love


And in the story, is the truth
Behind the reputation, stays a character. Behind the action, stays an intent. Behind the perception, stays 'A Story.' And deep within the story somewhere, stays a truth. -----------------------

So what have you done today? Quack Quack or Soar Soar?

She was working hard to get out of her cribbing habit. But inspite of the best of intent, sometimes a trait becomes so deep rooted, it can take years to get rid of it.
So with the intent of helping her progress faster, the coach decided to be a little provocative. First he told her that eagles soar above problems and only the weak, unassertive ducks quack. 
Then he began to ask her in the evening, "So what have you done today, Quack Quack or Soar Soar?" -----------------------

The Storyteller-Entrepreneur Daily Lifecycle

1) Intensely feel emotions of life's rollercoaster 2) Write & coach team on intense storytelling 3) Take few deep breaths 4)…

Ideas to Namo-Revive and support the ancient Indian art of Storytelling

Why the Ancient Art of Storytelling Needs to be Revived in India (Co-authored by Dr Amit Nagpal & Prakash Hindustani) There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories. - Ursula K. LeGuin Back to Storytelling (Image Source-Cameron Uganec, The Hootsuite Blog) Storytelling-The Omnipotent Medicine Storytelling is universal. It transcends languages, cultures and everything else. And the world is going back to storytelling. From Harvard Business Review to LinkedIn, from Social Media Examiner to Hoot suite, everyone in the western world is going gaga over storytelling.The craze for storytelling is so much in USA that storytelling trainings and workshops are as packed as Justin Bieber concerts. What is so magical in storytelling after all? As we move from the broadcast era to the digitorial era, everyone owns ideas which move through social networks and obviously stories dominate. In fact, the authors have explained in deta…

7 Storytelling Secrets for CEOs from Narendra Modi, CEO of India Inc

When you have a long successful track record to back up your stories, you can be more than a storyteller, you can rather be an inspirational storyteller. Mr Modi has walked his talk already as CM of Gujarat, so he need not weave imaginary stories, rather he can inspire through actual stories of achievement and thus inspire the nation. Let us see how he used inspirational and brand storytelling to his advantage and rocked the nation with an amazing election victory.

Successful Brand Storytelling requires a 7E approach which includes;

1) Empathy

2) Emotional Connect

3) Edutainment

4) Evocation

5) Eloquence

6) Energizing

7) Engaging on Multiple Platforms

A wake up call for Indian CEOs and promoters, some important lessons here. With the advent of Digital Storytelling, you don't need thousands of crores to build a personal brand.

(Read full article on LinkedIn)

Why Use Stories for Brand Building?

Let us understand why we should use stories for brand building in 5 sections viz.
1) How do stories work? 2) Why stories are best tools for online promotions?

3) How do stories integrate? 4) Why stories for organisation branding? 5) Why stories for personal branding? 6) How stories inspire action?
1) How do stories work?

Stories inspire action and also connect emotionally and build reputation.

Business is all about building relationships and by staying back in the memory, stories help in connecting people and strengthening relationships.

Stories also persuade through embedded messages.

In the end, we all will become storytellers. Our hearts connect to stories, our brains are wired for stories and our ears want to listen to stories. We want our stories to be heard because our experiences are stories, our complaints are stories and sometimes the biggest burden on our soul, are our untold stories.

Great people / legends leave behind legendary stories and great souls write inspiring stories.

2) Why …