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"Inner or Outer Villains, You are still "The Hero" of the Story" and Other Mini-Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life A Note-Stories that touch the soul of your soul The paradox is, the more emotionless a society becomes, the more emotion its creative output carries. After all, what we are missing in real life, we begin to search in our films, our songs, our stories, our art..... Looking forward to touch you deeper with our stories, stories that make you dance, laugh and cry, stories that release your emotional blocks, stories that carry high energy, be it inspirational romance or spiritual stories, be it imagination gone wild or be it utopia right in front of you. Stories that touch you so much that you wish you were the hero or shero of the story. Stories that shake your beliefs, stories that inspire you to rise from the ashes once again and write a fresh new story of your life. Stories that make us human once again, once more.....whether for few moments, whether forever. --------------------------- "And then there are emotional rocks hiding in tort

Heart of an Introvert, Mind of an Extrovert

In one of my posts long back, I had mentioned that  I am an ambivert,  a person who is neither an extrovert nor an introvert, but somewhere in between. In fact, my life has been an interesting story with experiences in multiple industries ranging from television channel & publishing to consulting, work experience across different parts of India and a unique career curve. Read the Full Post on LinkedIn

Google Tells Your Zeroeth Story, Clothes Tell Your First

Once upon a time, there was a saying, "First Impression is the Last Impression". Gone are those days and digital tools have created a new concept, "Zeroeth Impression".And then comes the first impression which is usually generated by our attire. Even before you meet people, they Google you and do a basic research about you, to find out how much time and effort you deserve. The more senior the professional you are meeting, the more precious their time and hence more common the research. Read Full Post on LinkedIn

"What makes you so high on energy?" and Other Mini Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom "What makes you so high on energy?" "You have such high energy even at the end of the day. Don't you get exhausted?", she sounded surprised. "Not really. I keep myself surrounded with positive people and stay away from energy vampires, as much as possible. And sometimes if need be, I listen to some high energy music or read some high energy words.", he replied calmly. "Yeupp" was her standard reply. ------------------------- The Password for ‘Life’ The disciple, “Master, I have forgotten the password to ‘Life’. I have everything and yet I am unhappy. Please help me out and guide me how to live joyfully.” The Master, “There is only one password to life and it is, “I have decided to be happy, no matter what”. So you decide to stay happy in spite of challenges and in fact, see every obstacle as an opportunity to grow. You see the lesson in every suffering." He continued, "Yo

Justice, a True Story, by J. Alchem

Third Prize Story (in Inspirational Storytelling Contest) "The Stuff that Superheroes are Made of"   J Alchem,  Writer & Reviewer of Books,  Delhi When people talk about Super heroes, the first few images that come in our mind are of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Ironman, Krissh. The second few images come in our mind are of martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Chandra Shekhear Azad, army men and so on. But there are some super heroes who are living with us and fighting for us but we are not aware about their fighting and struggle to give us better lives. Our mind does not show their pictures when we talk about super heroes. I do not know what the reason behind it is. May be they do not deserve such a great tag or they are beyond that. Here is a story of my superhero from real life. Due to certain reasons I have not revealed the identity. She is perfect in the knowledge of Law is another thing Life never did justice to her. Being a girl is not a crime yet s

My Real Life SuperHero, My Dad, By Anuj Kapoor

Second Prize Story (in Inspirational Storytelling Contest) "The Stuff that Superheroes are Made of" Anuj Kapoor,  Sr Instructional Designer, IBM-Gurgaon Everyone has a superhero whom they admire the most and look up to, and wish to be like them. I too had or rather have a superhero from my real life, and he is my dad. Yes, he has been my superhero right from the time when I was born and till now when he is not amongst us anymore. Whenever, I am little stressed, I just look into his photograph on my mobile and half of my worries are gone and when I am happy, I just look at the sky and then get reminded of all that he has given to me and taught me. I admire him as a superhero because he has all the qualities that a superhero should have. He was loyal I have always admired him because of his loyalty as he has been loyal to everyone—his family, his work, his friends, and his relatives. He had a clear goal I had also admired him as he always had a clear and def

"Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood" and Other Mini Stories

   Mini Stories on Wisdom Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood "My dear, how do storytellers make money? Or they make money also, only in their stories?" she quizzed or rather investigated from him. "Oh! they just walk in the woods." he replied casually. He hated being formal in any case. "What? You need to be serious sometimes. And answer a dignified lady's question with dignity.", she contradicted herself by asking in a girlish tone. "Yes they write scripts for Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and so on. I am serious. Sometimes they make enough money for a lifetime through one novel.", he began to smile. "Noo. That's just a game of chance.", she quipped. She had a style in everything from her 'Yeupps' to her 'Noo'. ---------------------------- A Deep Sense of Humor "Master, my life is full of exceptional struggle. I feel like giving up now. What do you suggest?" the student asked. The