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Personal Branding as an Empowerment Tool

Life is unfair” , we all would have uttered these words at some point of time in our lives. In spite of being equally competent, many of us lose out at the workplace because we are/ were :-  not educated at a premier b-school or  educated in a small town or  gentle/ unassertive nature or  introvert or  from poor / middle class family with no connections or  are physically challenged or  suffer due to gender stereotypes and so on. Playing at a Level Playing Field Here is an empowerment tool, which will put you at par or may be ahead in the career race. A book which guides you how to share your KVP (knowledge, victories and passions) to create a brand which helps you overpower your weaknesses. Here are a few examples of the value of personal branding:- A CXO who was expecting to become a CEO was disappointed when his organisation recruited someone else. Thanks to his personal branding and frequent speaking assignments at conferences, he soon got an opportunity to beco

Your Story is Your Brand

Your story is your brand . But which brand do you build and which story do you tell -organisation or people? Organisations want to build organisation brands, yet people prefer to read people stories. This is one of the greatest paradoxes of branding. It has no simple solutions and the answer varies from situation to situation. One point is common viz to align personal brand with organisation brand, to align people story with organization story and to find the delicate balance. A balance where organisation brand benefits due to the CEO or entrepreneur brand and vice versa. Organisational stories need to be interwoven with people stories to make them more effective and catchy to read.  Twitter and Personal Branding Social media is slightly biased towards people branding, because people want to converse and build relationships with people and not faceless organizations. Social media platforms are also social networking platforms after all.  While Twitter has a bias towards persona