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Fall in Love.....With Storytelling

Click here to add this blog to your feed (subscribe to Blog) I Fell in Love With Storytelling and will too (If you wish to learn storytelling, you may check this link of " The New About Me Program " from Get Storied)   More PowerPoint presentations from Dr Amit Nagpal

Ravi Shankar and Albert Einstein-Uncovering our Greatness

Click here to add this blog to your feed (subscribe to Blog) Two Opinions on Uncovering Our Greatness This is a monthly column on uncovering our greatness, co-authored by Michael Thallium from Spain and Dr Amit Nagpal from India. We aim to share the success stories of great human beings and wish to inspire the readers to uncover their greatness too. -------------------------- Michael Thallium, Spain Ravi Shankar-Music to my Ears It has been a little bit more than half a year since our last post. Personally, I decided to take a break and distance myself from the social media for a while and use my time over the summer, here in Europe, in order to listen to myself, to find myself, to become my own “instrument” and explore my “performance possibilities” (work still in progress, I must say). I took the chance to take a short trip to Edinburgh in Scottland to visit some old friends. Then I spent some time with two v

And I Fell in Love.........with Storytelling-My Story

Click here to add this blog to your feed (subscribe to Blog) (Inspired by Michael Margolis, Get Storied) As a child, I was an unconscious storyteller and naturally resorted to stories to explain situations and concepts. Let me share my story and its major milestones. It shook me up An incident happened in my life, which made me feel as powerless as a speck of dust. And during the search for an answer, I stumbled upon, “The Power of One.” I began to realize the power of one and wanted to inspire others too.  I was living an ordinary life until I was introduced to the science of meditation. In the rat race, I had lost my creativity and began to regain it (by meditation). What followed thereafter resulted in social media success and a discovery of a formula. Finding my direction Social Media Mega Success = Mindful Content + Passionate Engagement + Heartfelt Collaboration How I created this formula is an interesting story in itse

Reclaim Your Story- Guest Story by Jeff Rock

Click here to add this blog to your feed (subscribe to Blog) The Night It Began  On an October night in 2012, Immigration Attorney Margaret Baumer was on her way home to her apartment in New York City with some friends. They were returning from a party and upon getting to her apartment, Margaret Baumer realized that she didn't have the key to her door.   She came up with a creative, if unorthodox, plan for getting into her apartment, and it almost worked.   But in executing her plan, she had an accident and her arm was almost completely severed just below the elbow.  It was the beginning of a series of painful events including multiple surgeries and being separated from her family by Storm Sandy. Own Your Narrative  The story of the accident was picked up by several online publications, some of which distorted the truth, and created a devastating narrative where the protagonist is a fool deserving of her fate and losing a limb is funny.   These n