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"Has she come for a reason or a season or a lifetime? " and other mini stories

Mini-Stories and Musings on Wisdom and Love

Storytellers cannot afford heart-walls
Real life often pushes people to build heart-walls or become hard-hearted. Yet a storyteller cannot afford a heart wall, in fact a storyteller starts to feel the pain of others too.
How can you describe pain without feeling the pain? How can you describe the roller coaster of life without a first hand experience? Imagination has its limits and too much imagination can result in loss of authenticity. If a storyteller is scared of experiencing the emotional roller-coaster of life, how can she/he take the audience on the bumpy ride of story? 
The deeper the empathy you will develop, the more touching and impactful will be your story. It will make people burst into laughter or break down into tears. Sometimes these tears will heal your audience because the flowing of tears will be the release of emotional blockage and letting go of pain.
The higher the intensity of emotions you feel, the more intense will …

“You are in a relationship all the time"; Dr Saloni Singh's Story

A Story of Life & Relationship Coach Saloni Singh
Aren’t we in a relationship all the time? Sometimes we are in relationship with nature, sometimes with people, sometimes with animals and birds, yet we mostly forget to relate within. One, who does not have a comfortable relationship with self, never has a genuine relationship with others.
Why I took a U turn in my life?
How it all started was that I realised in the very first year of my Medicine degree, that I was more curious to understand human mind, emotions and psychology rather than medicine and surgery. I spent more time reading leadership and psychology authors like Stephen Covey, John Gray and so on. I was known as the problem solver and optimist among my friends.  This was 1993.
My friends had pointed out on many occasions, that I was made for a more creative profession than medicine. Being a part of conventional society of those days, I ignored my inclination to take a deeper quest to understand self.
I completed my graduatio…

"Strength Talks to Strength in Hint Language" and Other Stories

Musings and Mini-Stories on Wisdom & Love


Sincerity and Drama

For a storyteller, sincerity is like a deposit in the bank account, and the drama is like a withdrawl. The bigger our bank deposit, the more carefree we can be in withdrawing once in a while.
If there is more of drama and less of sincerity in our story, "We are surely heading for bankruptcy."  ---------------------

The hell and heaven story 

The over-sensitivity of creatives is their hell. The solitude or inner silence is their heaven.
Love and empathy are their rollercoaster, one minute in hell and the next in heaven.
Guys, enjoy the thrilling ride sometimes, and just forget the 'damned story'. --------------------------

The Soulful Story 
The soulful story is a beautiful journey, 
The soulful journey is a beautiful story.  -------------------------

A Jolt From the Blue- The Hint Language 

I was chatting with a top bureaucrat recently and his statement almost jolted me. He said when strength talks to …

India’s Pioneer in Triple Bottom Line-A Coffee Chat with Avdhesh Goel

A Heroic Journey

(Part II)
You Can Read The Part I Here

Personal Qualities of a Hero
We met many of Avdhesh’s colleagues and friends and the phrases which were often used to describe him included high ethics, customer sensitive, disciplined and a professional who values commitments. He is also believed to take keen interest to understand customer expectations and leaves no stones unturned in giving innovative touch to make customers experiences memorable.

Avdhesh is always taking initiatives to interact with the academicia and students. In 2011, on the occasion of Earth Day, Earth Infrastructures Limited (EIL) and Amity School of Urban Management (ASUM) entered into a Knowledge Partnership, to work towards collaborative initiatives promoting Green concepts in real estate projects.
While Avdhesh goes all green, competitors go green with envy
Avdhesh pointed out, “We are one of the pioneers of ‘Green concept’ in Delhi-NCR through various green projects in Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida. And…

"Bottom line is not enough. We believe in the Triple Bottom Line"

Coffee chat with Avdhesh Goel-India’s Pioneer in Triple Bottom Line

(Part I)
What does a demoralized nation need?
Inspiring Story

What does a nation need, which has lost its glory?
Inspiring Story

What does a nation need, which wants to regain its glory?
Inspiring Story

At a time, when Indian corporate world is known more for greed than anything else, there are rare entrepreneurs setting new benchmarks in sustainability in Indian business. At a time when the very concept of Triple Bottom Line (abbreviated as TBL or 3BL) was not known to most of corporate India, came a pioneer who incorporated TBL and sustainability into his business decisions. (The three Ps are people, planet and profits and are referred to as the "three pillars of sustainability). The man is none other than the Founder of the very well known real estate company ‘Earth Infrastructure’, Avdhesh Goel.
Today his organisation “Earth Infrastructure” stands robust and firm on the three pillars of people, planet and profits. Wh…

"A Mutual Magic Society" and Other Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Love

The Baggage Story

Sometimes experience is the wisdom,  Sometimes the 'very experience' is the baggage.


"Can love and negotiation co-exist?"

The disciple, "In every adult relationship, there are negotiations. Can you love a person and negotiate at the same time?"
The Guru, "Of course, you can. In a loving relationship, there are gentle negotiations to create win-win for both the persons." ---------------------

Our Worst Story
We all need someone, 
Who focusses on our best, Brings out our very best,  And who once in a while, honestly tells us, The worst in us, which is diluting our best.
And when your best comes out,  You are all set to rock the world. -------------------

"I am not feeling 'J'"

"I know you have a huge fan following. ..and I am your biggest fan.", he told her softly.

"So are you feeling J?", she teased.

"I am not an enlightened soul. So …

Empathy First, Authentic Storytelling Later

The most important quality of a great storyteller in my view is empathy. In fact I always say, "Great stories come from empathy and great empathy can come from stories."
To tell our authentic story as individuals or the stories of our organisations, it is crucial to develop empathy first. Here is the explanation.

Empathy First, Authentic Storytelling Later

The Brahmastra of Digital Storytelling

Social and online media have democratised storytelling. The strongest marketing weapon of storytelling is available to everyone today. 

The major digital storytelling formats include:-

1) Blog stories
2) Visual storytelling
3) PPT stories
4) Infographics
5) Podcasts
6) eBooks
7) Animation and Video

Excited to know more. Read Digital Storytelling-The Brahmastra Is Now Available To Everyone(on LinkedIn)

There is 'A story behind everything' and shhh.....

.................there is 'Something behind every story'
Mini-Stories on Love & Wisdom

"Don't watch my films"
The filmmaker told his girlfriend, "Either you have to marry me or you should never watch my films."
The girlfriend obviously surprised by the statement, asked him, "Is it supposed to be a threat in disguise?"
He replied, "It is not a threat at all, it is rather a practical advice out of concern for you. You know, my heroine would be just like you; big eyes, pretty smile, playful yet serious, soulful, shy and sensitive. And of course, at times intellectual and devilish too like you are. So everytime, you would watch my film, you would see a mirror and it would remind you of all those beautiful moments, we had spent together. Now you know what I mean, so take your call."" ---------------------------
"I am so happy, she fought with me"
And he told his friend, " I am so happy today. After an year of rela…