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Leadership and Divinity

“Each individual creature on this beautiful planet is created by God to fulfill a particular role. Whatever I have achieved in life is through His help and an expression of His will. He showered His grace on me through some outstanding teachers and colleagues and when I pay my tributes to these fine persons, I am merely praising His glory. We are all born with a divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness.” Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Wings of Fire Dr Abdul Kalam has been one of my role models for his passion and compassion besides being a pioneer in the missile bastion (I wanted to be atomic research scientist at one point of time). If only we could ignite the divine within us and others, the world would be a different place altogether. I have always believed that life is like a stress interview being taken by Supreme Consciousness. If we refuse to get stressed and instead consider problems as learning opportunities

Create a Professional Email Signature

An email signature is a critical component of your Personal Brand. The importance of a professional email ID and signature cannot be ignored.  To read more about the components of email signature and how to use it to build your Personal Brand, click here:- Merinews _______________________________________________ Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant with a holistic touch. To know more about him click here:-

10 Reasons Why Indians Must Undertake Personal Branding

  The article discusses why every Indian should go for Personal Branding to improve his/her employability and bargaining power. The article also talks about the current business environment in India and relevance of personal branding in its context. For more click here:- Merinews ______________________________________________ Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant with a holistic touch. To know more about him click here:-

Aakhir Jeet Hamaari Hai (Final Victory will be Ours)

     You May Win the Battles,     We Will Win the War         A Hindi Poem Dedicated to the 'Never Say Die' spirit of Bharat Soka Gakkai Har Baadha aur har museebat Aakhir to hamse haari hai Chahe Kitna zor laga lo Aakhir Jeet hamari hai (Every obstacle and every problem has finally accepted defeat in front of us. You may try your level best but finally we will win)   Ham mein bas yahi khaas hai Atoot apna atm vishvaas hai Jab tak, zindaa hain, saans hai chalti, Jang hamaari jaari hai Chahe Kitna zor laga lo Aakhir Jeet hamari hai (The only thing special about us is that our confidence is unshakeable. Till the time we are alive and the breath continues, we will keep fighting. You may try your level best but finally we will win)   Jo hamaare andar aayi kranti, Who bahar bhi aayegi Na dar hai, naa shak hai ab to Josh bhari yeh paari hai Chahe Kitna zor laga lo Aakhir Jeet hamari hai (The revoluti

People Who Have Inspired Me I-Interview with Nithya Shanti, Spiritual Teacher & Writer

Once upon a time I was serious and boring. Spirituality, I thought was just like me, seriously boring and boringly serious. And then I met the king of playfulness & joy, smiling Buddha or rather playful Buddha Nithya Shanti. And touched by his magic, I storied playfully thereafter. 1) How does one find peace in this turbulent world? Tell some simple techniques and ways for the busy executives including the spiritual retreat that you do. The idea of seeking peace and finding peace is itself the antithesis of peace. Whatever can be found can also be lost. Most of the time our idea or concept with peace is rather rosy, romanticized and divorced from reality. Such ideas will always conflict with the rich vibrant uncertainty that is life. I recall reading of an incident where a spiritual seeker met Ramana Maharishi and asked him "I have been seeking peace for thirty years and despite all my efforts I have still not found it. I want peace! Please guide me." Ramana Maha

Interview with Mr Miles Kierson, Management Consultant & Executive Coach

1)    Tell us something about your book “The Transformational Power of Executive Team Alignment” I wrote the book a few years ago because, for one thing, prospective clients were asking me if there was anything written about what I do, and there wasn’t, so I wrote it. It is not a how-to book; rather, it is a “why-to” and “what’s-it-like”, and kind of an eye-opener. The other reason I wrote it is that the executive team alignment process is an amazing process that delivers something really special to clients (what one CEO told me is that every CEO wants it): it transforms what has been really just a group of people into a powerful team that is driving the fulfillment of the future of the business; it is the only way you can get a team aligned – that is, committed to pulling in the same direction – with the capability of sustaining alignment; it delivers or re-confirms a compelling vision which the team is committed to fulfilling; everybody knows the part they play; the team knows at l

The 4Ps of your Personal Brand

4 Ps (Product, Price, Placement and Promotion) are the important elements of marketing mix of any product. What about the 4 Ps of your Personal Brand? Read my column on Personal Branding at merinews The 4Ps of your Personal Brand  _______________________________________________ Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant with a holistic touch. To know more about him click here:-

Personal Branding and 'The Power of One'

Dedicated to Wiliam Arruda, World’s No 1 Personal Branding Guru “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”  Helen Keller We are not proud of the world we live in. But as individuals or organisations, we often consider ourselves powerless. I strongly believe, “One person can bring change in society and one organisation can change the industry for the better.” But it can happen if and only if we are empowered with the right tools and the conviction. Today the easy availability of social media to individuals and even small businesses has given them a powerful opportunity to share their stories of victory with the world and go global by creating viral content. My personal mission is to empower individuals and organisations and to make them realize, “The Power of One.” I once posted, “I do not believe in creating a larger than life image. I rather believe in aspiring to be

Two Perspectives-Piercing the Veil of Word Illusions and Creating Our Own Reality

Two Perspectives Piercing the Veil of Word Illusions and Co-Creating Our Own Reality Two Perspectives is a monthly column with two different perspectives on the same topic from two different continents, cultures and genders viz Janet Smith Warfield, Florida, USA and Dr Amit Nagpal, New Delhi, India Janet Smith Warfield's perspective (An Allegory) Imagine you are part of a beautiful moving picture. The picture flows. The story line flows. One scene moves flawlessly into another, and you move with it. You are totally immersed in the flow. Then suddenly, you bump into a rock or tree or mountain and experience pain. You bump into a monster and experience fear. Your mind wants to understand the pain and fear because you want to control it and stop it. Your mind moves outside the flow and becomes an observer. Your mind has now divided what was once just flow into: ·    Flow, and ·    You as observer of the flow. You have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge and been cast out of the

From Chemical Sciences to Spiritual Sciences- My Story

I was a bit too logical and scientific in my childhood days. Since science could not prove God existed, I did not believe in God. Chemistry was my favorite subject and chemical equations my favorite pastime. One fine day, I decided to set up a chemistry lab in my house. Thanks to my parents for permitting me to do it and thanks to my grandfather who readily offered me a small godown in the house for the purpose. The chemicals came from a variety of sources. Potassium permanganate came from the chemist, hydrogen peroxide from my mother’s cosmetics, few old test tubes and beakers came from the school lab (with permission of course), common salt  & H2O from the kitchen and my lab was ready for experimenting. Soon many of my friends and class-fellows were impressed and few more labs appeared in my home town. A few months later, a brother of a class fellow was injured due to mishandling of a nitrate chemical and the labs starting closing down one by one due to parental press