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How I Discovered my Deepest Passion? by Deborah Biedronski

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3E Story Blogathon Post #28 by Deborah Biedronski
For Day 28 of the 3E Story Blogathon, Deborah Biedronski shares her story about how she discovered her deepest passion.
For some of us writing is just putting words on a piece of paper, but for others it is releasing our souls!
When Dr. Amit asked me to write this blog I wondered what I would be contributing. Writers do have a reputation for insanity! Being older and wiser I have learned through my education that families in the seventies raised their children basically on the Laws of Attraction. This style of parenting limited my growth in self-esteem and intimacy. My Christian up bringing limited my passions, in respect for honoring my mother and father, limited by The Holy Bible.
This reading led me to a poet named Rod McKuen, of the 60’s and his intensity for writing about love. With my Father practicing restraint and my Mother pounding all the Laws of Attra…

She Found Her Gift and Gave It Away-Dr Sonica Krishan's Story

Story 27
Background I met Dr Sonica via social media and her passion for Ayurveda impressed me instantly. We got connected and I noticed that she had the zeal, passion and expertise required for mega success. All that she needed to do was to share her success stories and develop a strong reputation for her skills. In fact she already had written 3 books on Ayurveda, 2 of which are available on Amazon, which were published by Rupa & Co, a reputed Indian publisher. (Herbal Healers, Home Remedies and Healing through Ayurveda).
In our very first Skype chat she told me, “Right from the childhood days I was passionate about becoming a doctor and wanted to heal and nurture people. Later, when I grew up, I compared Allopathy, Ayurveda and other systems of medicine and found that Ayurveda was the best medicine system because of the rare side-effects and the focus on healing the root cause of disease. Hence I decided to enroll for an Ayurveda degree right after my high school.”
She added, “It w…

The Story Behind My Book, by Sanjeev Kumar

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3E Story Blogathon Post #26 by Sanjeev Kumar

For Day 26 of the 3E Story Blogathon, Sanjeev shares the story about his book.

Long time ago, when I was In India, I had a profound interest in enhancing my deep thinking process but my life was totally different. I was engaged much more in medical practice, but along with my practice I used to read wonderful l books. Later on I realized that reading those books created more illusion.
As soon as I landed in Canada after immigration (after intense suffering), my thought process got much matured & sharper because it was not hard struggle but rather my evolution. It depends upon us, how we look at things though. 
I practiced medical profession in Canada for a while but I wound up my practice very soon due to lack of satisfaction. I never liked this profession ever in my life because I was not made for the medical profession. Everyone of the planet has a life purpo…

One Plus One Equals Eleven

A Story of an American Angel and Her Indian Friend
“Alone I can SPEAK
But Together We Can TALK
Alone I Can SMILE
Together We Can LAUGH. 
Alone I Can ENJOY
Together We Can CELEBRATE, 
That's the Beauty Of Togetherness” 

In Hindi, we have a saying that one plus one equals eleven (which highlights the power of collaboration). Jennifer Sertl, (President, Agility 3R, New York), my personal development coach and collaborator has proved it right.

Heartfelt Collaboration 
As far as I remember, we connected sometime in 2008. Soon Jennifer emailed me her poem, "Teachers are Artists" which really touched me, since I have been a passionate teacher too. Then we exchanged few emails and she gifted me a copy of her book, "Strategy, Leadership and the Soul." Now I was curious enough for a Skype chat.

In my recent post entitled “3 Life Lessons that led to Social Media Success” I talked about the need for heartfelt collaboration. My first heartfelt collaboration has probably hap…

Enlarge Excel Evolve-The Story

Story 24
When I talk of the necessity for personal growth, to be successful on social media, my audience often gives me a puzzled look. Then I give a smile and begin the explanation of my approach and philosophy, “Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand.” 

Background February 2011. As an upcoming personal branding professional, I was creating and curating content from fields as diverse as storytelling, personal development, and social media & online branding on my social networks. And one fine day, Jennifer Sertl, my personal development coach nudged me during a Skype chat and asked me about my focus and context. 
It set me thinking and I thought hard. Was there a connection between the topics I was talking about? If yes, how are they connected? I found personal branding professionals across the world try to differentiate themselves from image management professionals, as they talk about personal development as a part of personal brandin…

Co-optetion- A Lesson Everyone Needs, by Dr Prashant Gupta

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3E Story Blogathon Post #23 by Dr Prashant Gupta

For Day 23 of the 3E Story Blogathon, Dr Prashant talks about the importance of cooptetion and tells a short story to prove his point. (Do let us know if he was able to prove it successfully)

Cooptetion-A necessity today 
A new term was added in management jargon years back-cooptetion, which is a combination of cooperation and competition. In the social media age we live in, we often have overlaps of skills with people around us, and how we collaborate with such people is going to be a critical skill in our success. For example, a life coach may be a competitor to a psychiatrist as people with stress or obsessive compulsive disorder may visit either of them. 
From cooptetion to mutual admiration 
Let me share a childhood story. Dr Amit Nagpal (the organiser of the story blogathon) and I were class-fellows in school and academically we were competitors. Yet we wo…