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There is a lot in the NAME!

(The story by Dr Nidhi Chaudhary won the 1st prize in "Social Entrepreneurship Storytelling Contest" organised at School for Social Entrepreneurs India , Gurgaon by AL Services) Guest Post by  Dr Nidhi Chaudhary- A Moving Story When Shakespeare wrote “What is in a name”, clearly he was blinded by Romeo and Juliet’s romance and did not have the Indian subcontinent in mind. Had he for a minute thought about it, knowing the genius he is, he would not have penned the famous lines and would have rather  agreed with me on this. In the scorching heat of May 2006, I had been visiting the villages around Lucknow as an enthusiastic Routine immunisation Officer posted by UNICEF. On one such typical morning, I happened to visit a village hardly 30 minutes drive from the city in my chauffeur driven Indica taxi. The purpose was to monitor the vaccination sessions that were to be organized by the area Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) in the village Anganwadi centre. Luckily, the A

Ashamed Of Asking?

(The story by  Nageshwar Panchal  won the 2nd prize in "Social Entrepreneurship Storytelling Contest" organised at School for Social Entrepreneurs India, Gurgaon by AL Services) Guest Post by  Nageshwar Panchal- A Success Story Once upon a time, yes, every story I heard in my childhood started from this phrase and mine also. So once upon a time my niece came to my village from a city along with my sister. We were enjoying Rakhi festival and I was studying my last year of engineering at that time. It was time for her periods and she often forgets to carry Pads. I thought it would be easily available in the village so I went to a shop then another shop and then another. I found that there are no sanitary pads available in the village. Some women are selling cloth patches used during menstruation cycle. It was unbelievable for me initially. Yet I was so away from the truth.  I started Google search and community visits to understand the reality. Whatever facts I found

Twitter's Pleasant Shocks and Sweet Surprises

The Story of 6 Years on Twitter It was November 2010. I had been reading a lot about Twitter  (in Indian newspapers)  especially what celebrities were tweeting. Twitter had captured my attention and I decided to “ Join the conversation ” as Twitter calls it. “Wouldn’t it be a great idea to learn from the most successful people in India and abroad and that too straight from the horse’s mouth?” I wondered. Learning from the best I was right. From the best journalists to the most influential authors, speakers and coaches across the globe, almost everyone is active on Twitter. Twitter turned out to be the platform of the smart people. It was neither the kiddish Facebook nor the ultra formal LinkedIn. It was semi-formal, concise and was like an ocean in terms of the mystery and learning. I had always been blessed with a mentor at the workplace and I had realised that the fastest way to grow professionally is to learn from the best brains in the industry. As I evolved from social me

"Young and Foolish" and Other Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life

   Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life “Young and Foolish” “I want to become young and foolish once again”, she told him. “Young and foolish? Everyone wants to be young again but why do you want to be foolish?”, he smiled. “Because I was young and wise. I only made mistakes and hardly made blunders . I have nothing to regret in my old age”, she joked. “Now I understand”, he began to laugh. ----------------------- "Swaying from one Extreme to Another" "Master what is the most important thing in life?", he asked the master. "Humanity is often bipolar in its behavior. People keep swaying between love and hatred, euphoria and depression, grudge and guilt and so on. The most important thing is to strive for balance as long as you live", he replied. "And how does one find balance when your own mind gives you foolish advice at times", he asked the master. "Inner imbalance reflects in outer imbalance. Breathe deeply to think wisely.