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"Generosity is Yoga" and Other Stories of Wisdom

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Love Generosity is Yoga "Do you think generosity is rewarded? I see selfish people succeeding all around me and not the ones with "giving attitude"", she asked him. "Yes generosity is rewarded. But the Universe decides when and how. One cannot be generous and then expect immediate rewards. Generosity is yoga, an exercise in patience with invisible benefits. No wonder it is not everybody's cup of tea", he replied. "Tell me one benefit that you have received by being generous", she continued her interrogation. "Generous people are always sought after as friends, colleagues, partners and so on. They don't need to chase relationships and rather pull people. That has been my benefit and has boosted my self respect too", he replied. "And reward.....yes it comes as a surprise at an unexpected time", he added as an afterthought. ------------------------- More stories than you can e

"The Enlightened Girl" and Other Stories on Wisdom and Love

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Love The Enlightened Girl He looked at the photo once again. The shot was magical. Or was she the magic in it? She was standing against a dark background and all the light of the camera was falling on her face. And with that magnificent aura, she simply looked "Enlightened". Will she hold his hand and lead him into the light or he needs to undertake this journey alone once again? He was lost in a clutter of thoughts and then his heart whispered, "Yes, she is a true seeker and one day they would walk together into the light". He had discovered the "secret" after a long journey. Yes, desires lead you to light, to enlightenment. Actually keen desire leads to heartfelt prayer and heartfelt prayer leads to enlightenment. Interestingly, she had become his reason for heartfelt prayers. Will they both walk into light together remained a question still? She had her demons and her dark side too. But then having a sh

PM Narendra Modi is My Inspiration

In a previous post, I had talked about how PM Modi’s inspirational storytelling approach had inspired me to create 7E model of Storytelling . (7Es of storytelling include Empathy, Emotional connect, Edutainment, Evocation, Eloquence, Energy and Engagement) Once we have learnt required knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) for a profession, the next natural step is to communicate our values, strengths and offerings to the target audience. This process is usually called brand building. A brand built without required KSA has a shallow foundation and will not survive long. (In fact, such a process is image manipulation and not brand building) From Branding, the journey to Bonding, the destination Year 2014. I came across a news report about an investment summit in Gujarat and the quote of PM Narendra Modi (Then Gujarat Chief Minister), “Bonding is more powerful than Branding”. The connection between branding and bonding took me by surprise and I began to research more a