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Murtaza Ali Khan- Biryani With Blogger II

" Biryani with Blogger " is a series on blogger interviews where Chief Blogger, Enlarge Excel Evolve Dr Amit Nagpal chats with prominent bloggers of the world over a plate of Biryani.  The second interview in the series is with leading film review blogger of India Murtaza Ali Khan Dr Amit Nagpal -After doing an MBA in Marketing, how come you decided to be a film review blogger? Please share your journey in brief. Murtaza Ali Khan -I got introduced to the world of cinema during my second year of engineering. Soon I started reviewing movies on IMDB.Com. After completing my graduation I joined a leading IT company which took me to Chennai. While in Chennai, I got to watch a bunch of newly released Hollywood movies like Inception, Salt, Knight and Day, among others. It was during this time I started toying with the idea of taking up film reviewing as a full-time profession. It was quite tough managing time in Chennai as I was not only working full-time as an IT professi

"A New Dictionary" and Other Stories on Wisdom and Life

Mini Stories on Wisdom, Love and Life "A New Dictionary" "Stop using these terms viz. scarcity, office politics, Monday blues, pain, pressure, mind games and so on. Throw away the old dictionary as I am going to gift you a new one", he told her. "And what terms are there in the new dictionary?", she asked inquisitively. "The new dictionary will have a completely different set of terms. Abundance, collaboration, Unconditional love, healing, passion, soul, serendipity and so on", he replied. And together they began a new journey into a new world. ------------------- "Single Child" "Why are you lost in thoughts so often?", he asked her. "You can never understand me. You have never experienced the kind of loneliness I have been through as a single child", she replied. "Human story is a story of loneliness. Everyone experiences It, be it for hours, days or years. Yet the only solution is to move from loneline

“The Vibes in the Photo” and other Stories on Vibes

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life "Vibes" "Your vibes are so positive and calm. In fact I get conscious about my vibes in your company", he complimented her. "Thanks for the compliment. But why should you get conscious. I didn't get that", she asked. "Your vibes make me wonder how positive my vibes are. That's it. That is the second compliment in fact", he replied. "Oh really?", she grinned with a wide smile. ------------------------------ "The Vibes in the Photo" "Ehhh, just look at this photo. Your friend on your left has a really beautiful smile.", he told her. Surprisingly she was not getting jealous, so he continued, "Oh she has a smile almost as beautiful as yours." "Ahaan" was all she had to say. He had failed to make her jealous inspite of all the sincere efforts. Or may be she was good at hiding her feelings. He added, "And your other friend on your right, it seems she