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Mirror Mirror on the Wall- Archna Mohan's Story

Archna Mohan, Holistic Lifestyle Coach (based in UK) shares her story of how she changed her own life first and how she is helping her clients change their lives now.

The other day I was writing my personal statement and I looked back at my journey in the fitness world.  It has given me so much but at the same time  taught me lot of priceless life lessons too. I do not know how my blog will progress but my gut feeling says that this blog will be one of my best blogs for sure at least in my own eyes.
My daughter is 16 now. I decided to work on my beautiful body when she was 2 years old. We all need something much bigger than us to move and bring change. I was accustomed to hearing lot of abusive, self- hatred words, degrading my whole existence just because of one reason only that I was not seen as a good match for my handsome husband.  I was big but trust me I was the same woman from inside as I am now, it is just that I have become wiser, and actually kinder too with time.
So yes my tur…

Will You Be My Magic Partner ?

We go through four phases of life viz.

a) You can do Magic
b) I can do Magic to myself
c) We can do Magic to each other
d) Let's spread the Magic around

Where does the magic lie? Who is a "Magic Partner" and how does she / he create magic?

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Dr Kousar Ali Shah- A Story of Tough Love

The Villains, the Heroes & the Human Story

Here are some short stories (and notes). Happy Storytelling. The Villains, the Heroes & the Human Story (A Note for my mass media friends) Humans are ruining the planet, humans are the biggest of villains and the corrupt hoarders, self-destructive villains to be precise who destroy their own habitat, blah blah blah blah. Look at the other side too my mass media friends. Only humans only can discover a life purpose, only humans demonstrate overwhelming will power in spite of soul sapping challenges.....and (out of all this my friends), with sheer grit and determination, only humans emerge as the "Awe inspiring Heroes and Super heroes". Three cheers for the "human story". Read Full Post on LinkedIn