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Marketing is Dead, MarTech is the New Mantra

Quotable Quotes and Key Takeaways MarTech, ITC Grand Central, September 3-4, 2015, Mumbai  “With technology penetrating almost every aspect of our lives, this confluence will give a platform for CMOs and CIOs to exchange ideas and collaborate on the future of technology led marketing in India. The forum will generate powerful ideas for the future, identify opportunities for the Indian technology industry and create a platform to align stakeholders around its vision . ”  R Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM For the first time, NASSCOM organised an event on Marketing Technology or the confluence of marketing and technology and aptly named it MarTech. I was invited to a Twitter chat with Dave Caroll (of United Breaks Guitars fame) and I found the interaction with Dave exciting. I am a firm believer that learning never ends. In any case, I was flying to Mumbai for the release of my client Vijay Nallawala’s book, “ A Bipolar’s Journey-From Torment to Fulfillment ” on 5th September

"Good People, Best People" and Other Stories of Wisdom

 Mini Stories on Wisdom Good people, Best people The disciple asks, "Master what is the reward of being a good human being? People have endless expectations from you, they often become posessive and you usually end up getting hurt and used." The master replies, "Yes good people live life fully and painfully. Good people are like trees with fruits and stones are thrown only at trees filled with fruits. So do you want to avoid being vulnerable by becoming a selfish person?" The disciple replies, "No master. I am actually confused and need your guidance." The master continues, "Good people are vulnerable, and best people are deeply hurt. Good people are wounded and best people are often destroyed internally. Yet best people also meet human angels very often and live life's most amazing moments." The master advises, "You need to take a decision based on how much risk you can take and absorb. You can choose to be a best yet vulnerab