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How We Created a Bestseller in Just Six Months?

Using Twitter and Other Tools for Book Marketing- A Success Story     “ No matter how good intentions you may have, people look only at your presentations. No matter how good presentations you may have, God looks only at your intentions” Great marketing starts with a great product. A great product creates a pull and requires lesser selling efforts. Our first priority as authors was to give a great experience to our readers and create a reader friendly book. With team efforts, the first edition was sold within 6 months. We used the following strategies to make the book an Amazon Bestseller:- Creating a great product - The book is the first book by Indian authors on the topic. It has plenty of illustrations, cartoons, examples and case studies to make it easy to read as well as practical to apply. Renowned cartoonist Ismail Lahari, (Editorial Cartoonist, Dainik Bhaskar) has created the cartoons for the book.  The book has several infographics and screenshots and is esp