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"Successful = Super Human" and Other Stories of Wisdom

Mini Stories on Wisdom Successful = Super Human? "Is a successful person supposed to act superhuman or godly?", she asked him. "What happened? You look pretty flustered", he replied. He paused, smiled and then added, "Actually you look pretty inspite of being flustered." "Even if I am in a bad mood, I am quickly branded as arrogant because success supposedly makes people arrogant", she sounded irritated. "Stay cool man. Those who matter don't mind. Those who mind don't matter. Even small actions of successful people are observed closely. Be humble but there is no need to act superhuman. After all you have become successful and not enlightened", he knew how to cheer her up. ------------------------------ Story is the Bond "So you think the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is more beautiful", she asked him. "In a way yes. Story is the bond", he answ

7 Reasons from Neuroscience which make Storytelling Powerful

Storytelling is an art which has the backing of science, neuroscience to be precise. All that we remember from our childhood are stories (incidents /anecdotes). As soon as the word ‘story’ comes, even our tired brain gets alert ready to listen and retains it in memory. Even at the end of a working day, when we are too tired to scan data, we are still willing to read a story. What makes stories so powerful? Here are the 7 reasons from neuroscience:- 1) The Shared Experience and Neural Coupling The listeners connect to the story through their own ideas and experiences because of neural coupling process. Hence a story connects most with the reader when a story or its parts makes the reader feel that it is his / her story. We relate and relive the sensations described in the story, be it fear, pleasure, guilt and so on, creating a shared experience between the story narrator and audience. When we hear a story, we try to relate it to one of our existing life experiences. Dur