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From Fashion to Passion-Interview with Gautam Macker, The Homemakers

"From Fashion to Passion" is a mini-interview series with passionate entrepreneurs from India. The first interview in the series is with Mr Gautam Macker, Co-Founder, The Homemakers The Back Story The Homemakers had a humble beginning in 1998, with a 3000 sq ft showroom in Delhi. The company was amongst the first few in India to enter into the Modular Kitchen Segment. Started by Neeti and Gautam Macker, both highly qualified professionals, the company began with the import of Itallian Accessories. The Homemakers, gradually created its own manufacturing facility in Rajasthan with the latest technology from Italy. The company has created a niche for itself and prefers to do only quality work. From Kitchens, Wardrobes, Beds and other household furniture to doing up complete interiors of home and work place, the company constantly strives to blend quality with thoughtful design leading to products that are aesthetically appealing and extremely useful. Today, t

"Your 'Magical' Time Starts Now" and Other Stories on Serendipity

Mini Stories on Serendipity A Magic Called Serendipity Serendipity has been one of my favourite words of late. Is serendipity like luck, and beyond our control? Or can we invite serendipity in our lives? Everything cannot be planned or forecast. In fact, the best gifts of Universe come when we least expect them, or rather when we align our vibration with the vibration of Universe through positive thinking inside (the mind) and positive people outside (around us). And then begins the magic in our lives, a magic called "Serendipity" Here are some stories to inspire you:- Your "Magical" Time Starts Now “Ehh, what’s happening to me? Every time I think of someone, either I get a phone call or a message or some other communication from them. It seems as if they are trying to tell me, “I am thinking of you too.” There is too much serendipity and coincidence happening in my life“, she told him. And then she smiled softly and continued, “What have I do

"You are my Magic" and Other Stories on Empathy

  Mini Stories on Empathy “You need to be listened to” “Why do you get angry so fast? Don’t you over react about trivial issues?” he asked her. “Is it so? Never really thought about it. I think my parents were too busy with their own problems.” she replied. “Is the anger directed against your parents? Or there is a deeper need or an unexpressed emotion.” he asked her gently. “Can you tell me what that unexpressed emotion is, in your view? Or should I do a deeper introspection?” she felt the need for an introspection. “I think it is your need for being listened to. It seems there was nobody to listen to you, when you wanted to share your feelings.” he told her affectionately. “I think you have hit the nail right on the head.” she replied with a vibrant look. She was fortunate to find an answer to a question which was actually yet to surface. --------------------------------- You are My Magic" "To be honest, I have started feeling 'J' Of late, I have bee