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The Pride of Association

How Your Network & Other People Display "Pride of Association"? Nothing succeeds like success does and when people start developing pride in associating with you, one is ready for mega success and an inspiring story One of my favourite phrases in inspirational storytelling / digital storytelling is "The Pride of Association". If we have genuine professional achievements, people around us naturally develop pride of associating with us, over a period of time. Now the question arises, how do people demonstrate pride of association in real life. Five major types of professional pride come to my mind immediately viz. pride of being interviewed, pride of collaboration, pride in our mentors, pride in our clients and pride of knowing an achiever. In personal life also, sometimes we may have pride of belonging to a certain family. A) Pride of Being Interviewed Here are some examples of how authors and speakers across the world, talk with pride about their inte

Let Positivity Go Viral

My workshop participants frequently ask me, “How do I make my content go viral?” My answer, "Forget about making your content viral and focus on adding value to peoples' lives and Universe will bless you with what you deserve. Bhagwad Geeta says, " Do the work and forget about the fruit " Even if you look at it scientifically, "When we worry about the fruit, we shift our focus and energy from the goal to the fruit, and (due to energy and focus loss) often end up failing."  Recently while addressing Founders of Startups at an event (at Startup Saturday Gurgaon, organised by Headstart Network Foundation), I shared the essence of what I have learnt in the past decade of my digital journey, "Stop trying to make your content viral. Post and create each social media update with love instead. Share stories from the heart. Spread unconditional love and believe in the magic of unconditional love spreading on its own. Focus on emotionally connecting wit