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Why Introverts are Often Misunderstood and What They Can Do About It

And Why I Champion the Cause of Introvert Empowerment In a previous blog post (which went viral), “ How Introverts like Guy Kawasaki and Pete Cashmore are changing the rules of the game with Online Branding ?”, I shared my journey and how Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” changed my life forever. Interestingly, Susan also points out that introversion has three cousins, “shyness, sensitivity and seriousness”. Yet these three traits of introverts are often misunderstood and need a perception correction. Let us take a look at how introverts are misunderstood and what they can do about it. Myth / Misunderstanding 1- Introverts are often Nervous Fact-Introverts are Shy Recently when I was invited to speak at a public platform for 2 minutes, I began with a dose of humour, “It takes me 2 minutes to settle down with a new audience. By the time I will settle down, my time would be over”. Introverts are shy and tend to act as extroverts (in speaking, mentoring etc) when they ar