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The Ethical Doctor, by Dr Kamal Kumar Mahawar- A Book Review

“Honesty and Ethics” are talk of the town (or India rather) these days after PM Modi’s surgical strike on black money. Corruption and dishonesty has gone into the roots of Indian systems and cleaning the system is not going to be an easy job. Yet PM Modi has demonstrated that when there is a strong will backed by action, nothing is impossible. The book ‘The Ethical Doctor’ (by Dr Kamal Kumar Mahawar) also talks about cleaning and improvising the Indian medical system. The book has a fine balance between diagnosis and treatment. It goes into the details of what ails the Indian medical system and what actions are required to treat the system of its ills. Right in the author’s note in the beginning, Dr Kamal points out, “Declining values and corrupt practices are eating the heart of Indian society and its institutions. Doctors subscribe to the same value systems.” Here are some of the key topics discussed in the book:- Cuts and Commissions - The book takes a detailed look into the cut