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Prakash Hindustani-A Perfect Example of Localization with Global standards

"Future is Local News and Content"
Mr. Prakash Hindustani is working in Hindi journalism since last 30 years. He is a well-known name in journalism and is an all-rounder journalist who has worked in all types of media i.e. print, web and television. In print media he started with Hindi daily Naidunia. Thereafter he worked for a weekly magazine Dharmyug by Times of India Group and in another Hindi daily Navbharat Times by the same group. After serving 17 years at various positions in renowned media brands he joined Dainik Bhaskar as News Editor. He has also been the founder editor of Choutha Sansaar. He has a number of accomplishments being Bureau Chief of Indore at Sahara Samay for eight years and now he is brightening the stars of Digi Cable as the Central India News Head. 
Here are the few words I had with him:
What was the motive of entering cable news industry after a satellite TV? Global Quality and Local Content is our tag line. It is no doubt that there is a huge viewersh…

Consciousness Makes us Great-Two Opinions

This is a monthly column on becoming a great human being and has two opinions on the subject from western and eastern part of the world namely Michael Thallium from Spain and Dr Amit Nagpal from India.

Michael Thallium, Spain
Consciousness... not bad just for a simple word. But what is consciousness? As Daniel Dennet said back in 2003, when he quoted Lee Siegel’s book Net Of Magic, Wonders And Deceptions in India (Lee Siegel is an expert on the street magic in India)
“I’m writing a book on magic,” I explain and I’m asked, “Real magic?” By real magic people mean miracles, thaumaturgical acts and supernatural powers. “No” I answer. “Conjuring tricks, not real magic.” Real magic, in other words, refers to the magic that is not real, while the magic that is real, that can actually be done, is not real magic.
Change the word “magic” for “consciousness” and there you have it. With this metaphor, Daniel Dennet meant that consciousness can be explained, it’s not something magical.

If we look for a…

Dr. Christine McDougall-Interview with the Positive Deviant Coach

1 Tell us something about Positive Deviants Network. What exactly are positive deviants? Positive Deviants are those rare people who see the world differently. They don't see problems, they see the opportunity for solutions. They are creative, absent of ego, interested in service, have extreme morals and ethics, and truly walk to the beat of a different drum. They often feel isolated, misunderstood, or frustrated because few people 'speak their language' or 'get' their vision. I have a summary of their characteristics here.
Being a Positive deviant myself, I wanted to create a home for liked minded positive deviants to meet, share, break down the walls of isolation, and potentially collaborate on solutions for some of the world’s most wicked problems.

2 Why did you name your Blog Guinea Pig C? Guinea Pig C was inspired by my life long teacher, R. Buckminster Fuller. Bucky created his own experiment, …

Whether New Business Pitch, Job Interview or Networking, Strategically Prepare to Meet the Jury

A Guest Post on Strategic Preparedness by Rory Kelly Connor
You’ve been there. You did the upfront work to get their attention. You created a powerful resume or marketing materials or a market presence that made them take you seriously. You scored that new business pitch meeting, job interview, or networking opp that you seriously wanted. The potential client or employer or contact is now your target audience.
You then begin to strategically prepare – the talking points, key messages, questions, wardrobe, presentation, pitch. Hours are spent on strategy, with the goal of getting to “yes.” You do your research to learn about the company or product or marketplace. You get the goods on the competition. You powerfully plan and create amazing new ways of supporting their goals. You are set on proving to them that you not only “get them,” but you are what they need. You build your strategic interview script or presentation deck focused on selling them in to not only wanting to work with you, …

Two Perspectives on Loyalty

Two Perspectives on Loyalty
Dr. Janet Smith Warfield, Florida, USA and
Dr. Amit Nagpal, New Delhi, India

Dr. Janet Smith Warfield’s Perspective

Encarta Dictionary defines loyalty as “a feeling of devotion, duty, or attachment to somebody or something.” But who is that “somebody” or “something” to which we feel devotion, duty or attachment? And to what extent should we carry out that devotion, duty and attachment? And what do we do when we experience a conflict of loyalties? These are not easy questions.
As children, we are very attached to our parents, regardless of whether they are loving or abusive. We have little choice, because we depend on them for our food, clothing, and shelter.
As we grow, we begin to make friends. Why do we choose some over others? Isn’t it because we meet each others’ needs and we feel comfortable in each others’ presence? Here there is a reciprocity of loyalty.
As we reach adulthood, we begin to look for a mate. How do we decide who is worthy of our loyalty for a …

3R for Organizational Growth and 3E for Personal Growth

3R and 3E -Models of Sustainable Success for Organizations and Individuals

3R Model for Organizational Growth by Jennifer Sertl Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection

In the midst of so much data and so many choices, it is vital to create filters as a means to help you synthesize both what you pay attention to and also how you want to present yourself to the macro. Naming and claiming a filter is vital. If I only had one word to brand or describe what I hope to contribute, I would use the word Agility - both as a filter as well as the contribution I want to make.
I would then further describe Agility with three terms Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection.  Here is how I make these terms both actionable as well as mental muscles I practice ....

Resilience How well you bounce back from failure.How well you learn from that failure and also inform the entire eco-system of that learning so the lesson can be scaled.Diversity of experience--The more robust and diversified a person's exp…

Role Models and Personal Branding -Two Angles

Japan and India-Personal Branding from Two Angles

Peter Sterlacci from Japan
How Earthquakes and Role Models are Influencing Personal Branding in Japan?

In past decades young Japanese have focused their career efforts on a 'job for life' at a big company.  After all, life-time employment has been a virtual mainstay in Japanese business culture for years. However, given the current economic factors in Japan recent university graduates have had to change their mind-set to realize that jobs with the traditional lifetime employment "guarantee" are disappearing.  Interestingly though, something beyond this economic reality is having an even more profound impact on this mind-set change -- specifically the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in March of 2011.  
In the wake of the disaster last March, more and more Japanese are questioning their traditional cultural values of not taking risk, maintaining harmony, and not standing-out.  The aftermath of a major natural disa…

Ananda Sukarlan-Interview with the Piano Maestro

An epitome of 'Never Say Die' Spirit

Ananda Sukarlan listed in "2000 Outstanding Musicians of 20th century” and "International Who's Who in Music" compiled by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK has done numerous recordings with world's most reputed composers. He regularly gives concerts and recitals in Europe, Asia as well as Central & South America and has toured several countries of Africa too. He is one of the most popular classical musicians on social media too, and you can join his facebook group "Ananda Sukarlan's friends" at
Ananda was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in a middle class family. He made so much noise with the family piano as a toddler, the parents asked his elder sister to teach him piano at the age of 5 so that he made pleasant sounds at least. Later he pursued his passion for music in spite of parental opposition (parents had been supportive but not with the i…