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“What Moves us... Does the Magic" and Other Stories on Wisdom

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life “What moves us... does the magic" "I meditated for one hour yesterday. But I found no peace. My mind is still cluttered with thoughts. How do I find peace and magic you talk about?” she asked him. "I will tell you a new way of meditation, "Love meditation". It is simple. Just take few pictures of someone you wholeheartedly love, your nephew for example. Look at the pics with love and smile at them. Get completely absorbed in the moments you have spent together. Feel love and peace entering each cell of your body. And you will find more than peace. You will find magic and Nirvana.” he replied. "Is it that simple?” she asked. "Yes. And sometimes you can look at our pictures too if you are not scared of falling in love with me once again", he joked. --------------------------------  "Look like an Angel" "Light fluorescent colours suit you the most. You look absolutely