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"I too want to be a storyteller" and Other Mini Stories

 Mini Stories on Wisdom & Love   I want to be a storyteller too And she asked the storyteller, "I want to be a storyteller too. What can I do to become one or is it a gift from God rather?" He replied with a subtle smile, "Probably God first makes you an idealist and then surrounds you with unidealistic circumstances all around. This gift of 'a bundle of contradictions' exposes one to the weirdness of life. Weirdness and contradictions of life often make for great stories. The best stories are often inspired by the beloved or the divine. And then like any other skill, it is practice, practice and more practice." ------------------- From one extreme to another, ......well that's the human story She was his childhood friend. He was excited to meet her after more than a decade and was surprised to see her insensitive nature. He gently enquired, "What happened to you gal? You have changed and certainly not for

And You Live Happily Thereafter

Musings and stories on wisdom and love  Life is a Funny Story Life is a funny story. Sometimes you find people who reflect you and rest of the time you find your reflection in people.  Once you understand this, you live happily thereafter . ------------------- The Pure Gold The soul doesn't fear walking on fire, For it is compassionate yet bold. Only impurities around it can burn, Even the fire leaves the pure gold. ------------------------ The Hide and Seek Story Life seems to be playing hide and seek. But the day you seek with the true spirit, life just can't hide. ------------------ One Fine Day And one fine day you find a reason behind everything, and then you tell god with an embarrassed look, ''Now I understand your plan.'' --------------------- Go, Tell Your Story Write your success story.  Share your success story & inspire.  Get rewarded by universe.  Repe

Top 15 Posts on Professional Storytelling

"The Power of Storytelling", from the Guru of Networking "Before television there was radio. Before radio there were books. And before books there were storytellers. The power of a well-told tale, passed down from gene ration to generation and recited from memory over a campfire, is the power that brought people together and formed the beginnings of cultures that have lasted even to the present day. No matter what the medium – stone tablets, movies, grocery store tabloid, the Internet – the story is central. A good story stays with people and compels them to share it with others. It’s as true today as it was two thousand years ago – and it’s especially true of success stories. Everyone likes to hear them; everyone likes to have one.  And doesn’t this align nicely with word-of-mouth marketing, where referrals are based on thousands of individual success stories? Every time one networker passes a referral to another, she is telling a story about a need fulfill

Does Your Linkedin Profile Tell a Captivating Story?

Note- I have recently been invited to publish on LinkedIn, as LinkedIn Influencer (Marketing area). In future, I would be blogging more actively on LinkedIn , to reach out to larger number of people. To read my posts in future, you can Follow Me Here . My primary area would be story marketing (including storytelling for sales, personal and organisation branding and related areas). ----------- One of the most boring tasks in the world is to read the Linkedin profiles of your connections. They are full of jargon and overloaded with information, lengthy recommendations & everything else that can bore you to death. Even the summary of many a profile has the potential to give you a headache. To ensure that your Linkedin profile tells a captivating story, the following points need to be kept in mind:- The Headline Profile Summary Show your Human side Add loads of Energy Add Playfulness, if possible Integrate the Story of your Organisation Be You The Emotional Connect of

Tell Your Story, Rule The Hearts

 Stories and Musings on wisdom and unconditional love It's the sensitive empath, who ends up as a loner "I hate you.", he told her. She was shocked to hear such strong words, and said, "But why? What have I done to deserve this?" And he said, "Just because I want to be deeply, unconditionally loved. And that is surely not what I feel." "Oh my God! Is that so? "she noted with a visibly perturbed face. And they both just broke down into tears. His soul wanted to connect again, yet the analytical mind started thinking, "Is it the empaths and over-sensitive people who often end up becoming loners? Do those who are most loving-empathetic end up alone?" The reflections began too, "Sometimes, I easily make out the conditionality of human love and sometimes I expect sensitivity, which is...." Hatred originates from hurt. Hurt originates from love. So complex, yet so simple

"Everything That You Desire" and Other Stories

 Here are some stories and musings:- The Magic Only drama happens, when there is no intent, just right perception. Only gods understand, when there is right intent without right perception. Magic happens, when there is pure intent plus right perception. ---------------------------- Everything that you desire The disciple is in a philosophical mood and asks Guru,"What do gods do, when they want to punish you?" The Guru bursts into laughter and says, "They give you everything that you desire. Human desires are often funny, inconsistent and at times self-contradictory. Even gods get confused at times. We hate bias, yet we all want to be special for someone, for example." ----------------------------- The Weird Stories The strongest of people go through the weakest of moments. In weakest of moments, happen the weirdest of stories.....of vulnerability, frailty and human-ity. ------------------------------- Love is always tough The disciple,

Everything Connects, A Book by Faisal Hoque & Drake Baer

The Story  "Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." - Charles Eames “Everything Connects”, interesting title for a book, I must say. So when I came to know of this new book by Faisal Hoque & Drake Baer, I thought there must be an interesting story behind it too. And I requested Faisal for a Skype chat. I saw a mysterious story, and I wanted to solve the mystery as soon as possible. “Tell me the story about the book” I asked Faisal. Curiosity was killing the cat, it seems. “But first tell me, what is the inspiration behind the book”, I quipped. We both were looking at each other curiously, as if we both seemed to be older and less glamorous than our digital avatars. Faisal immediately replied, “The inspiration comes from none else than, Leonardo Di Vinci.” I knew that Faisal is a practitioner of mindfulness and I sensed a spiritual overtone in the book. So my next question