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Heroes Amongst Us

32 Inspirational Stories  (from 6 countries) of Ordinary People  who Achieved Extraordinar y Success (with 32 Success Mantras) About the Book Prologue This book is about stories of ordinary people who went on to do extraordinary things. The objective is clear and razor sharp: to inspire readers especially who belong to the blogging community . We have included stories of people who talk about their challenges at various stages of life and how they overcame these challenges to become successful. Readers can co-relate with their own struggles and draw inspiration from these real-life situations. Building Global Bridges You might be wondering why we chose thirty two people across six countries. The human story has the same vulnerability everywhere and people go through similar struggles, experiences, emotions, successes, failures; it’s the same roller coaster rides. From USA to Africa, from Australia to India, we have the same longing for love and belonging. To