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What the Best Mentors Do?

I was recently invited to speak on, “What best mentors do?” to a group of mentors / facilitators from Argentina who had come for a training program at School of Social Entrepreneurship India.  The session was organized at the scenic Zorba The Buddha, which is an oasis in itself in the Delhi NCR region. I divided my session into six parts viz. Mentoring Styles Understanding Expectations Asking Powerful Questions Deeper Engagement Monitoring Mentee Performance Pillars of Mentor Mentee Relationship A) Mentoring styles I began with a discussion on the five major mentoring styles:- 1) Challenger- The mentor pushes the mentee and asks hard questions. 2) Cheerleader- The mentor encourages and even in case of a mistake points out to the mentee the learning from the mistake 3) Educator- The mentor teaches/ trains the mentee after understanding the mentee’s deficiencies. 4) Ideator- The mentor encourages and pushes the mentee to ideate, dream and brainstorm. 5)