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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

  2013 is coming to a close and we continue to inspire our readers to 'Enlarge Excel and Evolve' and make an honest attempt to do the same. So here goes the Top 10 posts on the blog in 2013. (We have also included Top 5 guest blog posts and Top 5 posts-All time) No 1   Mega Success Through Storytelling on Social Media Storytelling is a powerful tool, which inspires the audience and builds the reputation/brand of the storyteller too. You can share your own stories, how you helped a client and so on. Stories can take several forms. It can be a series of novels, biography/autobiography/novel, 1-2 pages stories or one paragraph and one liner stories. Here are some interesting stories I have written (Please keep in mind that I have written these stories over the past two years) ( Read More ) 2-The Art and Science of Professional Storytelling Recently I was asked to introduce myself at an event and I told, “As a child I was fond of storytelling and as a stu

Every Life is a Story, Every Story Must be Brought to Life

Forget about New Year Resolutions, Just Write an Amazing Story in 2014   Life is a Simple Story The faster you evolve as a human being, the quicker you move into the zone of magic. Life is just that simple a story. ---------------- The Cribbing Story He cribbed, ''God you have given me unusual problems.'' She said,'' I have also given you unusual joys.'' He cribbed, ''But you have not given me some of the usual joys everyone gets.'' She replied, ''But then I have not given you usual problems.'' He said, ''God, I have lost the debate.''  --------------- The Playful Couple She had a huge male fan following. In a way, he respected and liked it. Yet sometimes he would feel insecure when she would shoot her magical smile at someone. She could easily sense that. Sensitive she was surely, so she would just softly hold his hand under the table. And they playfu