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Ananda Sukarlan & Anastasia Ashman-Uncovering our Greatness

Two Opinions on Uncovering Our Greatness This is a monthly column on uncovering our greatness, co-authored by Michael Thallium from Spain (who talks about a great human being from Eastern part of the world) and Dr Amit Nagpal from India (who talks about a great human being from Western part of the world). We aim to share the success stories of great human beings and wish to inspire the readers to uncover their greatness too. -------------------------- Michael Thallium, Spain Ananda Sukarlan-Bridging Indonesia & Spain A confession: I have been putting off the writing of this article for two months. I have been a real procrastinator. And I know that is not the best way to start to write an article on a person who I consider certainly inspiring. However, I learnt two very interesting things from my procrastination, 1. my dear friend Amit Nagpal -with whom I write this series of articles monthly- is a very pati

Reflection & Individual Performance-Hug and Nudge

(Vol VII) Sometimes a warm hug is the answer to our question  and sometimes a gentle nudge is the answer. 'Hug and Nudge' is a fortnightly column with two different perspectives from two different continents and cultures on the same question in personal development area viz.  Jennifer Sertl (based in New York, USA) and Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India). Question-How does reflection improve the performance of an individual? A Great Question by Dr Prashant Gupta, Pathologist, Jennifer Sertl's Answer In an earlier post Dr. Amit and I addressed the business case for reflection This is such an important issue that we decided to write a follow up post about personal capacity planning and how to integrate reflection. In a knowledge and service economy - mindshare in the inventory. How you use your mind, what you focus o

Using Klout to assist in Personal Branding

Two Opinions on Personal Branding from UK and India Klout is a powerful tool to assist in your online personal branding (or business branding) efforts. Here are two opinions from UK and India on the subject. Dean Demellweek's Perspective from UK In today's digitalised life, measures of our online influence and reputation are slowly becoming an accepted fact. Soon, a good online reputation will be the most valuable currency in our hands. Like it or not, Klout and other tools are already becoming a part of the recruiting process - especially in industries where building online influence matters (e.g. PR, marketing, sales). Can Klout help us develop our personal brand online? To answer this question, let me start with personal branding fundamentals and how Klout relates to them. Credibility, visibility and having a strong network are three fundamental elements of personal branding. Credibility: Klout Score and Influential Topics can