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Steve Brant-Interview with the Grand Guy of Innovation and CSR

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series
(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)

“The Universe has a perfect timing for everything. I got connected with Steve Brant long back (via a great Transleader Jennifer Sertl, President & Founder, Agility 3R) but we had little interaction. One day I came across an image (comfort vs magic zone) on his profile and it caught my attention. Then one day, I shared my Social Media and Global Social Trends presentation with him and Steve and I developed mutual admiration. Now the time had come for a chat.

I began researching about Steve and was surely impressed by his academic credentials and achievements. Steve is an engineering graduate of Massachusetts and has received  management education from New York University's Stern School of Business. He has been associated with UNO projects (UN Global Compact) and reputed American publications like Fast Company and Huffington Post and has also appeared on Fox Ne…

A Healthy Body Makes us Great

Two Opinions on Uncovering our Greatness
This a monthly column on becoming a great human being and has two opinions on the subject from western and eastern part of the world namely Michael Thallium from Spain and Dr Amit Nagpal from India.

Michael Thallium, India
I must admit I had to pick a fight with myself to overcome some resistance to write this article. I have been struggling with my weight for a number of years already. And although I achieved some results in the past when I took care of what I eat and when I did some physical exercise, I’m still not happy with it. Sometimes I have people saying to me (not only about this topic, but many others): “Come on, you’re a coach!” And that implicitly means “Hey, you are not allowed to make any mistakes!” Well, ladies and gentlemen, yes, coaches make mistakes too, and in my case a lot! And this doesn’t prevent me from stating that a healthy body makes us great!
I’m not going to talk about a healthy body just from the aesthic point of view.…

Passionately Social :-)

Living with Deepest Passion Series-2

Passionately SocialJ  Guest Blog by Khushbu Pandya

Relationships have always been close to my heart since childhood. Whether it is ingrained in me by my family or my cultural background, the truth is I have always valued relationships over any other thing in the world. I have learnt from my ancestors that taking care of tiniest thing matters a lot in any kind of relation, be it personal or professional. And as time passed, even before I realised, this personal nature developed into my personal brand. I remember the times, in my very first job; customers praised me for my regular and consistent support. I used to receive recognition e-mails for my habit of doing the work meticulously. 
Here, I simply want to portray my deep passion for relationships and everything that involves in building and maintaining strong relationships. This root of passion binds me to one thing – that is – Social Media. I see it as a single most powerful mechanism for building a…

"Global Success Through Personal Branding" at GD Goenka World Institute, India

GD Goenka World Institute Summer School for  Lancaster University students in India

A Full Day workshop was organised at GD Goenka World Institute, Gurgaon, India on "Global Success Through Personal Branding" for Lancaster University, UK students &  in India (Summer School) & GDGWI students with three key themes viz.:- Enlarge, Excel and Evolve into a Global Personal Brand-Dr Amit NagpalSocial Media and Global Social Trends (with special reference to India and UK)-Dr Amit Nagpal"Becoming a Global Leader through Transleadership" by Jennifer Sertl, New York, USA (via Skype)
(The Summer School was conducted under the leadership of Dr Sushi Singh, Head-Student Development Centre and International Exchange programmes, GD Goenka World Institute. Other Speakers in the Summer School included S.Y. Siddiqui (COO, Maruti Suzuki), Onkareshwar Pandey (Managing Editor, The Sunday Indian), Vijay Rai (President & CEO, Powercon), Malay Neerav (HOD-History and Mass Comm, St …

Personal Transformation-Two Perspectives

Two Perspectives on Personal Transformation1
Two perspectives’ is a monthly column with two different perspectives from two different continents, genders and cultures on the same topic viz.

Dr Janet Smith Warfield, Florida, USA &
Dr Amit Nagpal, India

Dr Janet Smith Warfield's Perspective
What is personal transformation, and why would we want to experience it?

Personal transformation is like looking at an optical illusion. The lines, shapes, and colors on the paper don’t change. What changes is how our minds shape what is on the paper, the words we use to describe what we see, how we feel about what we see, and the actions we take as a result.
The real world is the same way. Nothing out there changes.2 What changes is the way our minds shape what is out there. Personal transformation is suddenly seeing the world through new eyes.
Do we want to see a man’s face or do we want to see the word “Liar?” Which makes us feel better? Which makes our relationships work more smoothly?
When pers…

From Rat to Cat to a Human Being

Have you lost track of the world and time...may be you have discovered your deepest passion.

If you have not discovered your deepest passion and are looking for some motivation and guidance, then read my story on SadaNam Kaur's Blog:-
From Rat to Cat to a Human Being

William Paisley-Giving you a Guru Right in Your Pocket

The Guru has Always been Within, Now the Guru can be in Your Pocket too

Dr Amit Nagpal: Why did you name your app as "Your Pocket Guru"? Tell us, "Turn your phone into Pocket Guru", what is it about? William Paisley: The app is a teaching tool that you carry in your pocket. So I thought it was a catchy name that also described what it is & does. The Pocket Guru is all about Remembering, Reminding & Repetition of what inspires you now. It's a way to inject pauses in your busy day to reflect a little on what you want to change & improve in your life. It's like 'On-demand Inspiration'!
Dr Amit: You have a huge fan following on Twitter. Any Twitter success formula, you would like to share? William: I put in a lot of time on Twitter & FB. I think the big thing with why my Twitter account has/is growing large is that I put hard to understand 'Life issues' and make them easier & more relatable. I also engage with anyone. Not afraid …

From Deepest Passion to Global Success

Living with Deepest Passion Series-1

Guest Blog by Tom Grimshaw
I saw a quote on Facebook this morning:

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

I commented,
"Wow! Doesn't this just lay responsibility at each of us feet for the whole of everything? We can be part of the avalanche of people who do nothing. We can be part of the small group of people who do the wrong thing. Or we can be part of the growing group of people who change the world for the better, one person at a time.
Isn't that an exciting prospect? Or did I just get up on the right side of the bed and do a workout so I feel good?"
Today I want to do three things for you that will help you take a zillion percent more responsibility for your life than you have probably been taught to do.
I want to clear some weeds from the garden of your mind.I want to show you how to plough and fertilise the ground and plant a crop.Then I want to show you how to water the crop until harvest time.
First, the w…