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"You are Made up of Lights and Stars" and Other Stories on Wisdom and Life

"Of Lights and Stars" "Oh WOW you look so soulful in this photo as if", he said and paused. He liked creating mystery and suspense. "Ahaan as if what", she sounded restless for sure. Nothing troubles a woman as much as an incomplete compliment does. "As if you are not made up of flesh and blood. As if you are made up of lights and stars", he continued. "You know the art of complimenting so very well", she replied shyly. Brimming with joy inside. Trying hard to hide her smile outside. ----------------------------- Sweeter than Solitude "It seems every handsome hunk already has a girlfriend and every beautiful girl already has a boyfriend. I am the only idiot around who is single", she told her cousin. "You know you can never find the right relationship under peer pressure and competition. You first have to love yourself and then find someone who is sweeter than your solitude. Someone who

"Emotional Rock" and Other Stories on Wisdom and Life

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life Moods "You have two very contrasting moods. I wonder which one you are in today", he pulled her leg. "And what are those two moods?", she wanted to know. "One is as if you want Dating. The other is Intimidating", he replied in a mischievous tone. -------------------------- The Chaos Magician "Leave me alone today. I am in a state of emotional-mental-spiritual chaos", she told in a feeble voice. "Then you have the right friend next to you", he replied. "And what does that mean?", she asked. "I am a chaos magician you know", he replied trying to cheer her up. "And who is that?", she questioned again. "Someone who can channelize the chaos into order with magic. Someone who can move the wrongly positioned stars into the appropriate places", he answered. "You just placed one misplaced star at the right place perh