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Vijay Nallawala's Inspiring Story -"A Bipolar's Journey"

“After a long long time, a book brought tears in my eyes with its empathy evoking storytelling. Few chapters inspired with their authenticity and few filled me with awe because of the courage with which he has shared his struggles and vulnerability. The book deserves to be a bestseller because it proves the maxim, ‘The story sets you free.’ “ Dr Amit Nagpal, Chief Inspirational Storyteller, Enlarge Excel Evolve Blog.  And here is an extract from the book. Book Extract- "A Bipolar's Journey" Chapter 2 The Signs Had Been There In most cases of Bipolar Disorder, the diagnosis takes place well after the condition has taken firm root, at times even years after –sometimes a decade or more. It was difficult to pin point when it began to insidiously grow within me. Of course, there were the bouts of depression in adolescence and a few years later, sporadically. My behaviour then bordered on the neurotic but there was still no alarm, so to speak. It was in the last

Well Woman Clinic Story

The Founder & the Vision During her eight years of employment at India’s best hospital “AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi)”, Dr Nupur Gupta was exposed to the best in terms of medical care and technology. Thereafter she began her private practice and established ‘Well Woman Clinic’, at Sukhda Hospital, New Delhi and later in Gurgaon in 2010. The vision is to provide holistic wellness healthcare to Indian women. Dr Nupur says, “ My long term goal is to popularize preventive gynecology in a more structured way by franchising my 'Well Woman' brand and taking it national with help of an investor. My ideal team consists of a Nutritionist, a Life Coach, Fitness expert, Psychologist and a Women Health Imaging professional, besides paramedical staff and health insurance support of course. ” Jahan e Niswa show on Zee Salaam with Dr Nupur Gupta Active at the Activity Front The activities being undertaken by the clinic can be divided into two grou