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Interview with Meenu Mehrotra, Relationship Coach

Meenu Mehrotra is a Relationship Coach. Her coaching style is based on empowering souls to grow & deepen enriching relationships with self & others. She is based in Gurgaon, India. 

Dr Amit Nagpal-How can a person improve his or her intuition?
Meenu Mehrotra- Intuition is NOT a gift as perceived by most. It is an inner guidance system which all of us are blessed with but it has to be used to be made strong- just like any other muscle in the body.

The best way to improve intuition is to start listening to your inner voice and act on it, even if it defies logic and reasoning. Intellect has no role here. It’s all about being still and listening to that small, feeble voice that guides you to act in a particular way all the time. Intuition is a whisper and to hear it, one has to go within and be in silence.

Meditation is a great tool to be more intuitive.

Being mindful is another powerful tool to strengthen one’s intuition. Just being aware of what’s going on inside and outside of you…

Media Laws and Ethics- An Introduction to Legal and Ethical Issues in Journalism

"Media Laws and Ethics-An Introduction to Legal and Ethical Issues in Journalism" is a compilation of chapters by renowned media academicians and journalists. Dr Vartika Nanda is Editor of the book (HOD-Journalism, LSR College for Women) and the Foreword has been written by renowned media expert K.G. Suresh, Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication / IIMC, New Delhi.

The Story Behind the Book

As Dr Vartika Nanda points out in ‘My Word’, the book has been compiled with special focus on the varied dimensions of media ethics and also the complex world of law pertaining to the issues of media. It is an attempt to clear the cobwebs and create a platform where one can open new windows for discussion. 

Collaboration and Co-creation are the new norms of digital society. The book is a pioneering attempt in co-creation by bringing academicians and students together. As she points out in the end, “The purpose was to bring the academicians and the students together in th…