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Personal Brand Analysis-Shakira

Shakira (Waka Waka)-Latin Songtress The overall brand Shakira is an all in one as she is a business woman, singer, dancer, lyricist, music director, live performer, social activist, model, representative of UNUICEF, adviser to US President and so on. Positive attributes It is an open secret that she is rich, beautiful and famous but the lesser known side is that she is also polite, hardworking, kind and intelligent and is used to speaking out his mind or the truth. She connects with her audience very well. She enjoys inspiring people to dance along with her and prefers the limelight on the audience rather than herself. She not only uses her mind and voice to communicate but rather her entire body. She has given a guest lecture at Oxford University. Negative attributes Controversies surrounding her personal life, her statement on make up is considered as stereotyping of women.

Personal Brand Analysis–Mr Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan, the Indian film industry's evergreen superstar is known across the world for his acting talent. Here is his personal brand analysis. (Originally Amit Srivastava) AB or Big B remains the biggest role model of our times in spite of minor controversies always surrounding him. There have been stories of his linkages with politicians like Mulayam Singh, Bal Thackeray lashing out at him due to his loyalties to UP rather than Maharashtra, financial upheavals to the level of mortgage of his house, his not successful stint as member of Indian parliament, his relationship with Gandhi family which went haywire, his company ABCL which miserably failed and so on. Amitabh like any big celebrity attracts controversies, to the extent that he had a very poor relationship with media at one point of time. But his magic refuses to die. Young women continue to be his crazy diehard fans besides their older and male counterparts. What is the reason behind such a strong and

Passion Makes us Great-Two Opinions

Two Opinions on Uncovering Our Greatness 'Uncovering our Greatness' is a monthly column on becoming a great human being and has two opinions on the subject from western and eastern part of the world viz. Michael Thallium  from Spain and Dr Amit Nagpal from India. Michael Thallium’s opinion   Michael Thallium is a global and greatness coach based in Spain. Michael has spent many years of his life traveling around many countries and continents, sailing the seas, flying the skies all over the world. He has lived in different places doing many different jobs: translator & interpreter, tourist entertainer, language consultant, au pair, PR Manager, assistant cruise director, singer and musician occasionally, tour guide, shore excursions manager in Australia and Indonesia, international sales manager around Europe, group co-coordinator, and hotel manager on cruises. Since 2008 he is dedicated to

Find Your Role Model

Having a role model puts us on the fast track to success. Who is a right role model for us? How do we deal with role models? Here are some interesting perspectives:- Find Your Role Model

Two Perspectives-Love the Most Misused Word in the World

Two perspectives’ is a monthly column with two different perspectives from two different continents, genders and cultures on the same topic viz.  Janet Smith Warfield (based in Florida, USA) and  Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India). Janet Smith Warfield’s Perspective What is love? Yesterday, in preparation for writing this blog, I reread Plato’s Symposium. In the Symposium, Socrates and his friends, Phaedrus, Pausanias, Eryximachus, Aristophanes, and Agathon take turns conversing about love. Their offerings end with a dialog between Socrates and Socrates speaking as Diotema, a wise woman of Mantineia, who was Socrates’ instructress about love. Phaedrus speaks of love as being courageous, true, and honorable - a willingness to die for another. Pausanias differentiates between heavenly love and earthly love. Heavenly love has a noble purpose, is faithful to the end, and has no shadow of lust. Earthly love i

Living Your Life on Purpose

Living Your Life On Purpose: Finding That Luster  by Rory Kelly Connor You hear it all the time. “I want to discover my life’s purpose.” Or “You were born with a purpose.” And “Your Soul has a mission.” You hear these things all the time because they are true. Whether you are a believer in a higher spiritual Universal force or not, everybody has a purpose in the interconnected network of beings on the planet. And that purpose is all in their perspective. For most of my life, I was certain I had a purpose, a reason for being born, a calling my Soul was longing to discover. It was one of those spiritual concepts I carried on a shelf in the closet of my mind, figuring that one day I would get around to figuring it out. In the meantime, life took over and carried me away. Years later, after many successful and sometimes agonizing years living by the world’s rules, I began a search for clarity and meaning, a deeper sense of myself and my truth. I uncovered a longin

7 Simple Steps to Become Lucky

Why are some people lucky and some unlucky? Can we create luck? Can we write our own destinies? Here are some answers and some food for thought. Please share your comments and feedback. 7 Simple Steps to Become Lucky

“8 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profits” by Ali Brown

Finding your passion is fine but how do you convert it into profits. What are the different ways in which we can convert our passion into profession. If you have a passion for fashion, it does not mean you have to become a fashion designer only. There are many more options. A nice article by Ali Brown 8 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profits © 2011 Ali International, LLC “Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at “

8 Simple Steps to Write Professionally to Express Yourself

Writing is the core of Personal Branding as most of us need writing skills to communicate our brand to the world (except painters, musicians and similar professions). How do we develop professional writing skills? Here are 8 simple steps to write professionally to express yourself to the world:- 8 Simple Steps to Write Professionally to Express Yourself

Spiritual Tools For Material Success

Spiritual Tools…..For Material Success….the name itself sounds like an oxymoron. How can spirituality be connected with materialism? Aren’t both opposites? Isn’t spirituality about connecting with self, soul searching and everything except money and isn’t materialism about some unethical practices and prosperity at the cost of others? I believe the chasm or divide created between spirituality and materialism is created by us and actually there is no divide. In fact once we understand that we can have fulfilling lives along with abundance (it takes time though, there are no shortcuts) through spiritual tools, our view of life will get upside down. We shall also find that there is a bright light at the end of tunnel which we could not see under the pressures and race we were busy in. We can have money and peace and both in abundance. We only need to change our mindsets, understand our divine nature, discover our deepest passions (our life purpose), give our best and wait for the di

10 Good Manners for Social Media

Do not be in a hurry to build relationships and ask for favours. You may ruin your reputation in the long run. To read more click here:- 10 Good Manners for Social Media

Using Facebook for Professional Purposes-Two Angles

Japan and India; Personal Branding Across Two Cultures 'Japan and India' is a column on Personal Branding with two different angles from Peter Sterlacci of Japan  and Dr Amit Nagpal from India on the same topic.   November #1 Using Facebook for Professional Purposes Peter Sterlacci from Japan While Facebook was launched in Japan in 2008, it was not until the release of the movie “The Social Network” in early 2011 that the Japanese were more willing to try it out. Since then Japan has more than tripled its Facebook user base to around 5 million users, and the rate of growth continues to grow. The launch of a Japanese language "how to" site this past summer called Facebook Navi has also helped to persuade more Japanese to sign up. Yet, even with a potential of about 50 million active online users in the country, penetration in the online population is still low at around 5%. Why are Japanese more cautious about jumping