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"She Was His Nirvana" And Other Stories on Love

She was his Nirvana 

“In the emptiness, you will find all that you desire, and all that you deserve”, she said and smiled.

“Will I also find unconditional love there?” he asked.

“When you will send some, it will bounce back double in size”, she answered.

She was a little sage indeed.

“I am Serendipity”

“Ms Wisdom, where do I find serendipity?” he asked her.

“Chant the mantra, ‘I am serendipity’ and become serendipity in someone’s life. And then”, she paused.

“And then what?” he was bit by the curiosity bug.

“And then watch the dance of the Universe. Watch the flow of serendipity”, she smiled her mystical smile once again.

“A Quantum Leap”

“Enough of step by step progress. I wish to take a quantum leap now”, he told the little sage.

“I always take quantum leaps. And the Universe too leaps by my side matching my rhythm”, she answered and then jumped.

She was a Zen story. She was a beautiful Zen story.
“Twin Flame” 

“You a…