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Are You the Leader You Want to Be

8th March is celebrated globally as International Women's Day and I thought of celebrating the day by celebrating women leaders.  "Are you the leader you want to be?" is a book by two women leaders who are inspiring hundreds of women by their own example and also earning accolades especially from the leaders in information and technology industries.  Manbir Kaur is an Executive and Leadership Coach based in India and Kathy Mitchell is a Certified Professional Coach currently based in Malaysia.  In this  tête-à-tête  with Dr Amit Nagpal, Manbir Kaur shares the purpose behind the book and why storytelling is woven in the whole book.  Dr Amit Nagpal-   How is leadership in technology sector different from the other sectors? Manbir Kaur - I have experience working for technology companies and I can definitely say that we in technology get conditioned in a certain way over the years and our brains and styles are greatly influenced by this. Some of us who have been

Cultivating a Digital Mindset

Dr Uttara Pattanaik on Digital Mindset Digital mindset it a set of behavioral and attitudinal patterns which are purpose and value driven, connect people and aim for excellence. The digital transformation calls for a culture that is based on equanimity, collaborative & co-operative approach, open mindedness, gratitude, trust and appreciation.    Defining values and role modelling the same in a consistent manner will build trust, ownership and allow people to walk the extra mile to make the transformation successful.     (Dr Uttara Pattanaik speaking on Digital Mindset at Digital Transformation in Context of New India -The Summit held at NDIM, New Delhi) In a digital transformation initiative, while technology is the key enabler, the actual critical success factor is culture.   It is all about people’s mindset and behaviour.  This must be led from top, enabled by HR and constantly reinforced by leadership behavior.  Continuous communication at all levels is