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An Uncomfortable Soul- A Short Story

Once again she has started talking to herself. It’s her‘alone-time’ when thousands of thoughts are crossing her mind. All those questions that include ‘Why me?’and every situation that made her feel bad is flashing from the past.She has a bunch of people around her. Those people who have different mindsets, different goals, and different approach towards life.  May be she builds stronger bonds with lesser people. She is questioning herself, “Is it worth being here?”May be she doubts because,in this temporary world, she still believes in profound talks and eternal relationships. Not just her life revolves around building connections rather she believes in living them. People often perceive her as one with detached persona.But she is a human with reserved emotions who takes a while to truly open up.She hardly discusses her emotions except when she feels she has built a strong enough connection with a person. No doubt, socializing is a difficult task for her. An