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Offbeat Jokes

Offbeat Jokes (By Dr Amit Nagpal)

The husband told his wife, "You love me with lower consciousness, that’s why you are insecure, jealous, possessive...My love is of higher consciousness, that’s why I love you and all the women.....and of course all the men of the world."

He is crying, his beloved Dog has gone to the God. I am crying, my beloved God has gone to the Dogs.

She has brought so much light to my life that I think I need to apply the sunscreen

Yes my dear I love you, at least I care for you, when I forget to care, I mostly give you a call, even when I forget that, I do come home and say goodnight (frank message from husbands to wives)

God created a woman and then fell in love. then had a doubt, can god marry a human? While God is still wondering man is blundering.

3 rules of traditional Indian companies
Rule 1 Boss is always right,
Rule 2 If ever in doubt refer to rule 1,
Rule 3 When you become the boss get the best out of the above 2 rules

Fortunately man…

Look Within and Listen to the Inner Voice

We live in a world where we look everywhere for solutions, for problem creators, for literally everything everywhere except within. Sometimes I have found my students feeling shy in telling that they meditate as they would become a butt of jokes among their peers. When I conducted a learning styles test and found that three students in the class of thirty had intrapersonal styles, I briefly talked about spiritual tools like meditation, how society needs them badly and how one can even make money ethically by teaching such practices. The three students who had intra personal styles were hanging their heads in shame while the other students remarked that they could become some Baba (saint).
The truth is often bitter and let us accept this bitter truth. While the elite of the western as well as eastern world is slowly accepting spirituality, the middle class still considers it as an aberration and exception. If there is something close to panacea to cure most of the social ills, it is me…

Personal Branding Basics

How to use Linkedin to build a Powerful Personal Brand?

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Personal Branding Basics


Interview with Ms Annie Cap, Breakthrough Coach and Author, UK

1) Annie, your personal motto since you were about 11 has been Carpe Diem....Seize the day. How do you seize the day?
Although, I’ve never articulated my personal meaning or Carpe Diem to anyone before, not even to myself, “seize the day” has always been about truly living each day to the fullest. It’s about being able to see and enjoy what is presented and possible. This motto has become even more significant to me as I’ve matured. It has been a reminder to attempt a life without fear. Carpe Diem says to me to reach for liveliness or just be-ing-ness. It’s being clear enough in one’s self to be able to live in the moment – fearlessly on purpose. Whilst at eleven or even forty I hadn’t yet heard the philosophy of “living in the moment”, I must have intuitively known its importance and set it as the intention through this motto.
To me, Carpe Diem-styled activity is that which brings me closer to a state of joy and timelessness; either when in the process of experiencing it or after it’s…

Interview with Mr Vinton McCabe; Learning to Thrive Through Homeopathy

Brief Profile Vinton McCabe has thirty years experience as a homeopathic author and educator. He has published ten books on homeopathy, including his most recent, "What Is Homeopathy?" In addition, he is the author/publisher of the Kindle exclusive "Homeopathy in Thought and Action" series of educational booklets. He is also a book reviewer for The New York Journal of Books.

1) I saw on your profile that one of your interests lies in denying gravity. How do you do it?

I am a big fan of breaking the rules.

And even a bigger fan of the power of belief.

There is a scripture that I just love that speaks to this.  It is in the New Testament book of Romans, chapter 4.  There we read about the power of belief:

Hoping against hope, Abraham believed that he would become 'the father of many nations,' according to what was said, 'So numerous shall your descendants be.' He did not weaken in faith when he considered his own body, which was already as good as de…

Interview with Dr Sarah A. Morris, The Conscious Sensuous Executive Coach

1) What is the inspiration behind your organization's  name 'Parallax'? Very often people get stuck in a particular way of thinking or being and this constrains our creative potential. The word “Parallax” is derived from optics and means “to see things from a different perspective”.  We believe in the infinite creative potential of individuals and encourage our clients to ‘Take a Different View’. In the context of leadership development, through executive coaching, we enable our clients to do just that and therefore create choice that delivers a higher level of performance.

2) What innovative solutions does Parallax offer to its clients, keeping in mind that leadership training & coaching is a very crowded industry?

 In two ways, I would say; the first is in the philosophy that now underpins our understanding of effective leadership development. Through direct experience and observation of working with clients over the last 10 years or so, we have come to understand tha…

How to use Linkedin to build a Powerful Personal Brand?

How to use Linkedin to build a Powerful Personal Brand?

My post on John Komatsoulis's Blog (Fortune 500 Management Consultant)

Interview with Mr Raja Choudhury, Managing Director, C3CUBE

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview Series
(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)

Film | Web | Architecture | Consciousness
1) I noticed two unusual interests on your profile viz Aikido and exploration. Tell us something more.
Aikido is the only martial art that combines Zazen - one of the most advanced forms of meditation in Buddhism - with fighting skills. You use the force of your attacker to disable them and there is no hitting. Just flowing with the attackers energy until they defeat themselves. It is quite beautiful to practice and watch. Exploration is my passion - particularly quests into the mysteries of the universe that leads to enlightening discoveries. I have travelled all over the world seeking experiences and I also travel inwards seeking new experiences. Exploration and questing are my raison d'etre.
2) Mr Choudhury, tell us something about your organization C3Cube.

C3CUBE is a vehicle for my consulting and media production ef…

Spiritual Healing - 1; Guest Blog by Dr Ferda Kaleagasioglu

Dr Ferda Kaleagasioglu, based in Istanbul, Turkey is a pharmacologist, acupuncturist & hypnotherapist and is presently an author and researcher.
Why do we Live on the Planet Earth? Did you ever look at a brilliant star in the night and wonder how many light years distant it is?  How did you feel about the immensity of the universe?  Amazed? Filled with admiration? Curious? Lonely? Frightened? Then did you think over and maybe reason the meaning of life? At a funeral or after recovering from a severe disease, in brief when faced with death, did you say to yourself how short the life is and tomorrow may never come. Did you stop for a moment and observe the non-stop rush dominant in our daily lives? From birth till death, we are trapped in this automatism based matrix.  On certain occasions, we become aware of the surrounding matrix but we forget thereafter, drifting into worldly responsibilities and goals. As we move towards our goals hence interact with each other, we see that happin…

Two Perspectives on Assertiveness-Why, When and How

Two Perspectives is a monthly column with two different perspectives on the same topic from two different continents, cultures and genders viz
Janet Smith Warfield, Florida, USA and Dr Amit Nagpal, New Delhi, India

Janet Smith Warfield's Perspective Assertiveness, yes. Aggressiveness, no. What is the difference?
Assertiveness is absolutely vital if we want to get our needs met. To be assertive means to express one’s needs to those who may be able to help with no attachment to the results.
Aggressiveness destroys relationships. To be aggressive means to pressure or manipulate someone else into doing what we want them to do, whether they want to or not.
Recently, I purchased a bag of manure at Wal-Mart. It was heavy - more than I could easily lift alone.
I asked one of the Wal-Mart employees if he could help. He said, “Sure. Just drive your car over here to the entrance and I’ll put it in the trunk for you.”
I went to my car and drove to the entrance. The employee had suddenly disappeared. M…