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"Love...Deep. Intense. Unconditional" and Other Stories on Wisdom

  Love...Deep. Intense. Unconditional. She traveled, traveled and traveled. May be when people want to discover the meaning of life, they start "Wondering". And when people feel restless to experience....deep, intense and unconditional love, they start "Wandering". Her parents had been affectionate yet there is a human longing for a deep connection with one person. One person who is special and makes us feel special. Traditional Indian fathers often start distancing themselves from their daughters when they grow young. They start preparing for their princesses to move on and don't want the father-daughter bond to become a barrier. Her travels took her to strange places and even stranger people. Her own life had been no less stranger than fiction. She also wanted to resolve a paradox of her life. While the Universe had usually gifted her what she deeply longed for, yet there was something still missing. Two desires make people extremely restless. Most of