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"Just Breathe, Move, Love" says Holistic Lifestyle Coach Archna Mohan

"All You Need (to do) is Breathe, Move, Love" Archna combines the ancient Indian wisdom with modern western techniques to offer holistic lifestyle training and coaching to her clients in UK and other parts of the world. Here is a wonderful conversation, I had with her recently:- Archna Mohan has an interesting story and journey from a very confident girl to a shy, woman who lost confidence in herself and then finally emerged as a super shero and a successful holistic lifestyle coach, with clients across the world. Dr Amit Nagpal- Archna, tell us about your philosophy of Breathe, Move, Love. Archna Mohan -I came up with this name suddenly one day when I was working with a client and she was stressed with loads of stuff and events which were going in her life. I know at this stage no nutritional plan, exercise or a life style change will work for her. I asked her if she could do 3 things to start with. She inquired what were those 3 things. I said Breathe d