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Storytelling with a Spiritual Touch

Here are some musings and stories, with a spiritual touch

The Progress Story 
Small progress requires tactics.
Big progress requires strategy.

Grand progress requires blessings.
Infinite progress requires oneness. -------------------
The Self-Reflection Story 
We need breaks and vacations for reflection too.

Because the irony is, best thoughts (and inspirations) come only in a state of thoughtlessness.

Shhhh! May be the Universe is shy & it is whispering. -----------------------
The Energy Story 
(Don't mind, if you do a little)

Do a little affectionately,
with loads of positive energy.
Don't do sacrifices grudgingly,
with heaps of negative energy.

Your love matters more.
Your energy counts more.
Not so much the hugeness of your acts.
Nor so much grandness of your sacrifices. ------------------
The Enlightened Soul
Sometimes her wisdom would surprise him so much, he began to joke, "You are surely an old head on young shoulders. Or are you an evolved soul on unevolved shoulders?…

Talent is Cheaper than Table Salt

 Guest Blog post by G. Shawn Hunter(Author of "Out-Think; How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes")
Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” - Stephen King, Author

Carol Dweck led a fascinating study back in 1998 in which she and her colleagues worked with four hundred 5th graders and gave them a series of tests, mostly puzzles, and then praised them in two different ways with these six little words.
With half of the group they said, “You must be smart at this.” With the other half of the group they said, “You must have tried really hard.”
The first word set awarded intelligence, and innate talent, similar to how many parents and coaches (myself included) get trapped into talking about, and to, our kids. We say how smart they are, or how naturally gifted they are. The second word set praised effort, determination, preparation, grit. What the researchers were interested in, was how the kids …

A Story Touches a Thousand Hearts

Brief Profile
Dr Amit Nagpal is Chief Inspirational Storyteller atAL Services. He is a Social Media Influencer,  Author, Speaker/Trainer and Coach. To know more, (His special interest and expertise lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes and visual storytelling)

AL Services offers content development/story writing, consulting, training and other services in the area of brand storytelling. To know more, write to

Life in Colors- Bringing both life and colors to your walls and floors

“If architecture is the prose, then interior decoration is surely the poetry.
Do your home's interiors tell a touching poem?”

Apurva Sharma is Founder of 'Life in Colors', an interior decoration studio. She is member of G Business Club, Gurgaon. She may be reached at or +91 98189-00484.

The back story Apurva Sharma runs a business which provides designer solutions in wall papers, wooden floorings, curtains, blinds and decorative screens. She is an MBA-HR and has an experience of over 10 years in the corporate sector. Prior to starting her new venture she was Head-HR for an international consulting firm. Switching to creative entrepreneurship was a risky yet wise decision as Apurva had a natural flair and inclination to guide family and friends regarding right products for home interiors. Since her family had import management background, it was a great boon. Yet there were different kinds of challenges. As they rightly say, no challenge, no story.


All You Need is Unconditional Love

Anecdotes & Stories on Unconditional Love

Ahem Ahem-When Two Economists Love Each Other

She was an economist and began to tease him," You know the demand for beautiful women far exceeds the supply. You have to chase me, my dear."

He was no less of an economist and replied, “I love chasing you, my dear. Yet if it comes to theory of demand and supply, then the demand for playful men far exceeds the supply too. So forget economics and apply loveonomics. All we need is unconditional love."

And she began to smile with her trademark naughty wink.


The Ultimate Professional Goal

And they asked the storyteller, “So what is your ultimate professional goal?"

The storyteller, “To write stories for inspirational films, so that I can impact millions of lives. It may be for Bollywood or Hollywood or any other."

And he continued, "And my stories would be about the new age topics such as soul searching, empathy, deep passion, wisdom, soulmates, …

Just chill, chill, just chill and other Stories

Stories & Musings

Just chill, chill, just chill

First she found her thrill (passion), Aligned it with her skill  & began a daily drill (practice).  Then came the realization, 'Aha! this was divine will'. 
Now all that she does is 'Just chill, chill just chill.
(Inspiration : Tresonance model by Vinit Taneja) ---------------------------

The Power of “Once Upon a Time”
Sometimes, "Once upon a time" puts you to a sound sleep .......sometimes it wakes you up to a life you had never imagined -------------------

Such are the ways of life
Sometimes life gives you a good deal.....and you settle down with a good stable life.
Sometimes life gives you a bad deal......and provokes you to settle for, “Nothing but the Best".
The irony of life is that by the time story ends, the good deal had remained a good deal, while the bad deal had ended up as the best deal.
Such are the ways of life, such are the twists in life stories. ------------------------
The Mysterious Stor…

I am 22 and my life Catch 22

Guru Disciple-Wisdom Anecdotes III

Here are some wisdom anecdotes, to inspire you to Enlarge, Excel, Evolve:-
I am 22 and my life Catch 22

The disciple, “Guruji, I have always suffered personally and professionally because of my habit of telling the truth. I may have been brutally honest and ruthlessly frank at times. People are not ready to listen to the bitter truth and I don’t want to tell lies. I am 22, my life Catch 22”
The Guru, “Tell true stories to give hints and mask the characters, if required. A signal is sufficient for wise (and the fool will not understand, even if you beat the drums). Bare truth is like an ugly skeleton sometimes, so dress it up as a story.”
He added further, “People have not evolved enough to listen to truth. We are insecure, frail, weak and vulnerable beings. If you tell your obese wife, she looks obese, you are asking for separation. It is more important to be kind than true under such circumstances. Yet, professionally, learn to be, “Kindly honest, pol…

"Touch Me Not Or Vibe Me Not" and Other Romantic Stories