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20 Dressing Tips for a Powerful Personal Brand

Beg (from your sibling), borrow (from a friend) or stitch (if you have done that course) but look elegant at the crucial moments. If my tips make you lucky in love (from unlucky in love), do not forget to return the favour. 

Clothes do not make a gentleman but clothes do make a brand.
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Best Tools for Personal Branding for Beginners by Mr Todd Hagopian

The best tools to use in personal branding are the ones which will show up the easiest in online searches. For the lay person, who is not already famous, these sites include: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon (make a profile), Quora, your own personal blog (include your name in the title, or on several search areas of the blog).

The important part about using these tools for personal branding is to realize exactly what people are seeing when they search for you. You should routinely use Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to see what is coming up when people search for your name. Controlling a brand is just as important as building one. If an item shows up that you don't want people to see on the first page of a Google search, then immediately start profiles on each of these tools so you fill that first page up with items that you do want them to see. On that same vein, if one of these tools pops up that you no longer use (a dead twitter account), then you might wan…

Interview with Mr Michael Thallium, Greatness Coach, Spain

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series
Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved  into Global Personal Brands
Area of Thought Leadership-Global and Greatness Coaching

Tell us something about your unique coaching style or greatness coaching.
First of all, I would really like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this. The greatness coaching idea came a couple of years ago when I read a “great” book by Stephen R. Covey, The 8th habit, explaining how to shift from just effectiveness to greatness, that is, finding your “voice” and helping others to find their own voices, too. And this taking advantage of our body, mind, heart and spirit intelligences. I am also influenced by the neuroscience and the work of Howard Gardner, specially his five minds for the future: disciplinary, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical.
Reformulating Mark Twain words: Do not be parted with your dreams and illusions for when you cease to live, they will keep on existing; the t…

Take Charge of Your Life and Your Brand

It is human nature to look for excuses for failing and trying to shift the blame to others.But at some point of time we need to become wise and strong enough to take charge of our life and stop the blame game.
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Branding Yourself as an Intrapreneur-Two Angles

Japan and India; Personal Branding Across Two Cultures
'Japan and India' is a fortnightly column on Personal Branding with two different angles from Peter Sterlacci of Japan  and Dr Amit Nagpal from India on the same topic.

Peter Sterlacci, Japan
In the January 2011 issue of Entrepreneur, Richard Branson shares an interesting story about being a "belonger" where he resides in the British Virgin Isles. The airport signs for the immigration lines read "Belongers" and "Non-Belongers," rather than "Residents" and "Nonresidents." He goes on to say that when a nation embraces its own as "belonging here" as opposed to just living there, it breeds a different form of loyalty:  "It reminds us that this is where we belong, and so our efforts are not just on our     own behalf, but also to benefit the community." This small semantic difference made him think about the business world: What if companies had belongers rath…

How to Restore the Balance for Real Justice by Pauline Laumans

In a time frame were we have to pay for our (in) ability to progress along the line of evolution it is crucial that present societies all over the world reflect if we act with true justice  OR  that it’s time to learn from action and counter action so that the individual can achieve progress . Eventually humanity as such benefits from a real vision on the naked issue.

We are all subject to influences that result in the fact that we walk en masse behind a concept and then condemn something without looking at the underlying causes. By facing the many causes and respond like “Solomon” without undue influence from social pressure, “Justice is spoken". To speak justice means doing well to the act that was committed in the sense that it becomes clear what happened, how it started and how to restore the balance with greater understanding for both parties.

Some of these causes relate to the manner of upbringing by parents, school and society. As famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud, Car…

Holistic Living-The 7 Q Model

The article discusses the meaning and need of holistic living and uses a 7 Q model formulated by the author for its simple presentation.
For more click here:- The 7 Q Model of Holistic Living

Two Perspectives-Can We Completely Avoid Stereotyping?

Two Perspectives is a monthly column with two different perspectives on the same topic from two different continents, cultures and genders viz
Janet Smith Warfield, J.D., Sarasota, FL,USA and Dr Amit Nagpal, New Delhi, India

Janet Smith Warfield's perspective
Of course not, unless we want to stop talking completely. Words automatically create stereotypes: black versus white, tall versus short, fat versus thin. Words automatically divide and classify our sensory data. Words automatically simplify so we can understand and communicate.
But let’s look for a minute at:
1.    The intention behind creating a stereotype 2.    The emotional content we give it. 3.    The experiential context of the stereotype
If you are in Tampa and ask for directions to Sarasota, your intention is to go from Tampa to Sarasota. Perhaps Paul tells you to drive 60 miles south on I-75 until you see a tall, fat, black post on the left side of the road. Paul is aligned in helping you fulfill your intention. The words, …

Spiritual Healing 4-Guest Blog by Dr Ferda Kaleagasioglu, Turkey

Evolution: Acting with no fear
First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do”  Epictatus

Franz Kafka, in “A report to an Academy – Ein Bericht für eine Academia” tells the story of an ape that has transformed into a human after being captured in a jungle and was brought to Europe. The ape presents to the Academy, how he learned to act like a human throughout many trainings. His only goal in this evolutionary journey was to gain his freedom in order not to live in a cage. The mystery of his success resides in his reply when he’s asked to explain how he achieved this incredible transformation into another species. “I needed a way out, and for no other reason” 
We have no way out. Evolution requires hard work on “Self.”

As a foetus, we feel safe in the womb. As a baby, we are protected and our needs are satisfied by our parents. As a child, we curiously start interacting with the environment to the extent we feel safe. We experience delights as well as boredoms.…

The Challenges of Team Alignment by Miles Kierson

Back in the “good old days” when I worked for another consulting company, my colleagues used to tease me by calling me “the king of alignment” because it was all I ever wanted to do and all I ever wanted to sell to clients. Now, having worked with so many wonderful clients over the years, I have a lot to say about alignment, and I am still learning every day. I never go out anymore to sell alignment – I just meet with people to hear what their organizational issues are, and almost always my proposed approach is to start by aligning the executive team. I do it because it works.

People ask me, “What are the common challenges of team alignment?”, and here are a few:

·    Hardly anybody understands the importance and power of team alignment.  Thus, the first challenge of team alignment is for the team to have any attention on it at all. Here’s a phenomenon that is so common that when I say it, everybody knows what I am talking about – team members in meetings nod their heads as if they are …

From News to Infotainment to Tamasha (Melodrama)

“From News to Infotainment to Tamasha (Melodrama)” is my first book and is based on my five years of research on TV news audiences in India. It was TV news which created an interest in me in social and new media (way back in 2006). The social media and new media initiatives of all the channels have been discussed in detail. The book looks at news from the perspective of a viewer, a journalist and a manager running the news channel. It also provides the basics of TV news industry for anyone who wants to start from the scratch. A sincere attempt has been made not to be biased towards/against any particular channel.
The key features of the book include:-
·    Comprehensive tables
·    Compact information on news channel industry in India
·    Detailed information on news channels in India ( including channel profiles, logos, punchlines, launch date, ownership and so on)
·    Complete information on social and new media initiatives of news channels including Google+
·    Several useful appendic…

"You Are Never Off the Record!"

You Are Never Off the Record! People Often Forget What Great CEOs & Leaders Are Trained To Remember  Guest Post on (Social) Media Relations by Rory Kelly Connor
Over the course of my career, I’ve developed and managed many multimillion dollar initiatives. These programs focused on marketing communications, branding, issues management, crisis communications, public awareness and corporate reputation for an array of noteworthy clients. Outside of strategy, the key to the success of every campaign has been the role of the designated spokespeople chosen to deliver messages and answer questions with stakeholder audiences, most importantly the media.
For this reason, one of the most important tactics included in every campaign I created was Media Training for designated spokespeople. These individuals included CEOs and C-suite executives, mid-level management, physicians, thought leaders, patients, parents, entrepreneurs and authors, among others.
The goal of media training was always to pr…

What India can offer to the World?

Excerpts of my presentation on "What India can Offer to the World?" (Holistic Living) to Lancaster University students (study tour to India) at GD Goenka World Institute, Gurgaon, (Delhi NCR), India.
Though the official topic of the presentation was, "Indian Culture in context of British Entrepreneurship" but the focus was on what India can give to the world in terms of holistic living concepts. I also launched my concept "7Q model of Holistic Living".What India can offer to the World?More PowerPoint presentations from Dr Amit Nagpal

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The Power of Soft Marketing for Personal Branding

Gone are the days of aggressive marketing. The customer gets agitated, defensive and negative as soon as you get aggressive about your product. If products cannot be marketed aggressively these days, how can people be? How do we use soft marketing to build personal brands?

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