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Do Managers Need Creativity?

If you read the LinkedIn posts of CEOs and CXOs, if you go through the MBA curriculum or if you attend management conferences, you feel that creativity seems like a neglected child in the world of management and leadership. Everybody seems to be focused on leadership, business goals, process orientation and intrapreneurship at the most. What about creativity? My purpose is to write a thought provoking blog on whether we are giving creativity the place and respect it deserves in the management domain.  In marketing and advertising domain, creativity has been talked about and given its due share of attention. But what about HR, Finance, Operations and other management domains, don't they need creativity? Will Creativity become the most prized management skill? Creativity is certainly going to become one of the  most prized management skills  in the days to come, if not the most.  Social media has democratised creativity at a social level. Everyone is trying to be creativ

Patrick Sonqo- Biryani with Blogger III

" Biryani with Blogger" is a series on blogger interviews where Chief Blogger, Enlarge Excel Evolve Dr Amit Nagpal chats with prominent bloggers of the world over a plate of Biryani.  The third interview in the series is with Patrick Sonqo, Chief Catalyst and Imaginarian, Sonqos' Worlds.  Dr Amit Nagpal : How can a person improve his or her intuition and resonance?  Patrick (Fuss) Sonqo - Everyone has intuition, it’s about how much we are willing to listen and trust. For many people stillness and peace, connectedness to self and nature, and of course going within enhances intuition. Pranayama and Breathwork can also open up intuition. Anytime we get out of the rational, linear, right-brained world we are allowing our intuition to flow. It is often not what we think we want. Intuition gets grounded and confirmed when we experience resonance. For me, when mind, intuition, emotions, and heart become one when I resonate. Dr Amit : What are Relational Rh