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From "Limiting Stories" to "Inspiring Stories"- My Journey

During the first half of my life, I often told limiting stories to myself. During second half, I wish to share inspiring stories with the world.   As an Inspirational Storyteller, I assist deeply passionate entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs share stories (of themselves & their organisations) which inspire action, connect emotionally and build reputation. Let me share my journey from "limiting stories" to "inspiring stories" and some interesting stories from my life.   Childhood and Youth I used to wear -6 spectacles in Class 1, and my doctor had told me to quit studying after Class 10th. But I loved books, research and writing. Life left me with no option but to prove the doctor's warning wrong.   I continued my studies upto PhD and later ventured into online marketing & digital storytelling. The spirit of winning against odds became a part of my life thereafter. My parents supported me in my decisions and sto