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Where there is a will, there is a story-Mini Stories and Musings

Mini Stories on Love and Musings

Love is stranger than every damned thing in the world

Destiny made them sit next to each other in the chair car compartment of the train. It was a few hours journey, and they were naturally tempted to talk to each other.

And sometimes two people have such chemistry...or may be such physics, magnetic sciences & more, they are not able to resist each other's pull. And great relationships happen only when there is a pull or attraction at both the sides. They rightly say, "True love happens when both the persons come half way."

The few hours passed away like few seconds for sure. They got so busy talking to each other, they forgot to notice that passengers around had started staring at them. The passengers must have been wondering, "How can two complete strangers become so friendly so fast ?". But then truth is stranger than fiction and love is stranger than every damned thing in the world.

In such a situation, Indians generally hav…

The Power of Inspirational Storytelling

Note-I have recently been invited to publish on LinkedIn, as LinkedIn Influencer (Marketing area). In future, I would be blogging more actively on LinkedIn, to reach out to larger number of people. To read my posts in future, you can Follow Me Here.

My primary area would be story marketing (including storytelling for sales, personal and organisation branding and related areas).
Inspiring stories can change lives, inspiring stories can change our world. But how do they work?How to make stories inspirational? Fundamentally what inspires us is success, passion, victory against odds, helping an underdog and other positive personality traits which are not common in our society. Here are 10 techniques to help you create inspiring stories. 1-Providing role models2-High energy words

3-Even visuals do inspire

4-Victory against odds
5-Asking readers to take action6-Forming an emotional connect by wearing the reader’s shoes

"Her New Avatar" and Other Mini Stories

Musings and Mini-Stories on Love and Wisdom

And You Won Me Over

With your sharp intellect,
you won over my mind.

With your unconditional love,
you won over my heart.
But with your touching story,
you won over my very soul, my eternity.
"Everything that I ever was, Everything that I'll ever be."

And the Stories Go On

Behind every face there is a story.

Behind the story, there is often another story.

And sometimes like an onion, there is a story inside a story, inside another story and it goes on.

The Playful Couple -2

They were a truly playful couple and would jump at an opportunity to tease each other....of course, without pulling legs and ears.

He teased, "I want someone like you in my life. Will I get one?"

She replied, "No chance at all. There is no one like me. LOL"

He continued, "OMG, Poor me. What will happen to me now? I have become like a man eating tiger."

She said with a surprised look, …

"The Wild and Party Girl" and Other Mini Stories

Mini Inspiring Stories on Wisdom & Love

The Wild and Party Girl
Her mother was happy yet confused and surprised at the same time. Even when she would stand next to her mother in the kitchen, she would suddenly start smiling without reason. And the mother was almost bewildered.
"How come my daughter, who had no interests beyond partying & wasting her life in numerous other ways, has suddenly developed interest in housework and other stuff? This is either abnormal or paranormal.", she kept wondering. 
All of a sudden, her daughter had developed interests in playing with children, getting all decked up and transforming herself into that 'Sundar, Sushil Bahu' the ideal Indian wife. In fact, when she carefully looked at her daughter the next time, she was surprised to see that her sweet little girl had grown into a gracious, beautiful woman. 
Then she began to curse herself and realized her daughter must be in love. "How come I took so much time, in realizing t…

Dr Nupur Gupta-The H2H Doctor at Well Woman Clinic

Ever heard of a doctor, who makes a H2H (human to human) connection with a patient first and starts treatment later, unless of course it’s an emergency. Here comes one.


Syringes and tablets were her toys and a genuine heart to heart smile was a divine gift to her. After all, Dr Nupur Gupta wanted to be a doctor, right from her childhood days.

Her father being a doctor, she knew of the respect and recognition the profession commanded. She began her medical studies in 1990 at Jaipur and finished her post graduation in the year 2000. A decade of in-depth medical studies had laid the foundation for an illustrious career ahead. 

During her eight years of employment at India’s traditionally best hospital “AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi), she was exposed to the best in terms of medical care and technology. Thereafter she began her private practice and established ‘Well Woman Clinic’, at Sukhda Hospital, New Delhi and later in Gurgaon in 2010. She has also …

Drumming-Tools for Transformation

Two Perspectives on Personal Transformation Two Perspectives’ is a bi-monthly column with two different perspectives from two different continents, genders and cultures on the same topic viz.
Dr Janet Smith Warfield (based in Florida, USA) and 
Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India).

Dr Janet Smith Warfield's Perspective, USA
Drumming is a practice that uses sound, rhythm, and vibration to heal. By fully immersing oneself in the experience, the drummer can enter into an altered state of consciousness that is sometimes verbalized as "journeying between the physical and spiritual worlds."

Cultures all over the world have practiced drumming for thousands of years. The experience is an end in itself, not preparation for a performance. 

When the drumming becomes synchronized, it is very powerful. Drummers often take turns setting the rhythm and beat.

The circle itself is the perfect form within which to drum. All participants are equal. All are necessary. Each plays a part. The p…