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Dear Readers,
2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is eagerly waiting to embrace us. Here is a compilation for you (Best of 2014) which covers the entire range of work I do (along with my team)  from brand storytelling to stories on life and its contradictions. For reader’s convenience it has been divided into 4 sections viz A) Professional storytelling, (including visual storytelling, PowerPoint storytelling), B) Wisdom storytelling, C) Life and love storytelling and D) Spiritual storytelling.

I believe, every story has its time, yet every time has its story. Happy Storytelling.

Section A-Professional and Brand Storytelling
(i) Top 10 on LinkedIn

1) Does your LinkedIn profile tell a captivating story?
The post got 7.6 K views and 30 + likes
One of the most boring tasks in the world is to read the Linkedin profiles of your connections. They are full of jargon and overloaded with information, lengthy recommendations & everything else that can bore you to death. Even the summary of many a p…

Do Givers Really Gain? BNI & Amit Kapoor’s Story

BNI Gurgaon region was recently ranked No 1 region in the world (out of 635 regions across 55 countries), which is an incredible achievement for sure. Let’s look at one story, which demonstrates the power of giving and the generosity of BNI members in giving referrals to each other. Surely there is something more than networking which happens here. In my childhood, my grandfather would make me wonder, "Does abundance create generosity or generosity creates abundance?" I found my answer and the story of Amit Kapoor reminds me of those days and certainly validates my beliefs. Generosity creates abundance for sure. “What goes around, comes around” keeps echoing in BNI meetings. And the official philosophy of BNI is "Givers Gain". But do they? Amit Kapoor has given a lot of business / referrals to BNI members and it’s time now for the returns to come around. Read Full Story on LinkedIn

Raman Malhotra and Bellwether Talent Solutions- A Trendsetter's Story

Making Indian recruitment process at par with the best
And one fine day One fine day destiny took Raman to Singapore for few years and it gave him exposure to the international best practices in the corporate world. Heading  the Finance Function meant he was closely involved in the recruitment of employees for his Department. He also worked very closely with the HR Head to get insights into how recruitment was being done in the other departments.
Back in India, he saw round pegs in square holes everywhere After working in Singapore, when he came back to India in 2008, he realized there was lot of difference in the way recruitment was done in Singapore and India. While subject matter experts were involved in the recruitment by recruitment firms in Singapore, only generalists were doing the screening process in India. If the screening process is done by generalists, misfits often get screened at the very starting point and obvious results are round pegs in square holes. 

As a result, organis…

From Teaching to Legal Practice- Kiran Ashri’s Story of Passion & Purpose

Kiran Ashri was born on 5th September at Kurukshetra in Haryana, the land of Mahabharata (an epic story of war between cousins / family).  It is an irony of destiny that she now helps warring couples & families settle their disputes amicably and helps them end the Mahabharata in their daily lives. True to her date of birth (Teachers Day), she has been in the profession of teaching for a long part of her career. Teaching and educational administrative skills have not only helped her legal practice through her past experiences and knowledge of effective public speaking, human psychology and research methodology,  but also contributed to her success as a lawyer.

Kiran represents the third generation of lawyers in her family tree.Her father was a leading Supreme Court lawyer who had the then President, PM, Governors and various VIPs as his clientele. Kiran spent her childhood adoring him, idolizing him and trailing him almost like a Vodafone pug. By the way, she enjoyed the same adula…

360logica and Rohit Singh-An Amazing Story of Mega Success

(From left to right-Rohit Singh and Alex Vieux, CEO, Red Herring) Dr Amit- Rohit, I have been watching 360logica grow at a rocket speed for quite some time and want to share your inspiring story and the secrets behind your astounding success, with our readers. (Interview) Dr Amit- Why did you choose software ‘testing’ as a profession? Rohit-In my case I accidentally discovered my passion for software testing. I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer and was looking for opportunity in C/C++ in Embedded system companies. I got opportunity to start as a software QA trainee and in 2-3 months, I developed a very strong interest in this. The best part was that I realized I could use both my analytical and technical skills in this profession. Working as product owner for quality check, countering intellectual development team with business logic and new learning in every project kept me passionate and I developed deep interest in software testing. Dr Amit- What is an accomplishment that…

"Inner or Outer Villains, You are still "The Hero" of the Story" and Other Mini-Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life

A Note-Stories that touch the soul of your soul

The paradox is, the more emotionless a society becomes, the more emotion its creative output carries. After all, what we are missing in real life, we begin to search in our films, our songs, our stories, our art.....

Looking forward to touch you deeper with our stories, stories that make you dance, laugh and cry, stories that release your emotional blocks, stories that carry high energy, be it inspirational romance or spiritual stories, be it imagination gone wild or be it utopia right in front of you. Stories that touch you so much that you wish you were the hero or shero of the story. Stories that shake your beliefs, stories that inspire you to rise from the ashes once again and write a fresh new story of your life.

Stories that make us human once again, once more.....whether for few moments, whether forever.


"And then there are emotional rocks hiding in tortoise shells"


Heart of an Introvert, Mind of an Extrovert

In one of my posts long back, I had mentioned that I am an ambivert, a person who is neither an extrovert nor an introvert, but somewhere in between. In fact, my life has been an interesting story with experiences in multiple industries ranging from television channel & publishing to consulting, work experience across different parts of India and a unique career curve. Read the Full Post on LinkedIn