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Be Unique, a Bit Different

The article talks about why one needs to be unique to build a powerful personal brand. It also discusses how one can become unique without appearing like a fool.
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Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant with a holistic touch. To know more about him click here:-

The Magic of Learning that brings about Change-Guest Blog by Patrick Fuss and JAnn-Marie Jarrett

This blog seeks to speak to the magic of learning that causes change not to its initiation, engagement nor maintenance.  Instead it seeks to introduce the concept and its relevance in today’s learning environment.  The first times one of the authors discovered the magic of learning occurred when his students and he unlearned all that they knew about learning – all the conditions, all the limitations, all the baggage.  This new reality created a space of mutuality, where everything and everyone was open to the newness of things to come.  While the second author experienced similar magic in a context of change management.  This blog shares some experiences from both the authors and looks at the mutuality of their insights called the magic of learning and change.

Much research has been written about learning, including our own. We have agreed that for most of our academic, learning and development career, and irrespective of societal, cultural and political realities – most people tend t…

Two Perspectives-Silence

Two Perspectives is a monthly column with two different perspectives on the same topic from two different continents, cultures and genders viz

Janet Smith Warfield, J.D., Sarasota, FL,USA and Dr Amit Nagpal, New Delhi, India
Janet Smith Warfield's perspective

---------------------------------- Janet Smith Warfield works with wisdom-seekers who want understanding and clarity so they can live peaceful, powerful, prosperous lives. Through her unique combination of holistic, creative, right-brain transformational experiences and 22 years of rigorous, left-brain law practice, she has learned how to sculpt words in atypical ways to shift her listeners into experiences beyond words, transforming turmoil into inner peace. For more information about Janet, go to;;
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Dr Amit Nagpal's perspective
“The bell of mindfuln…

Cultivating the Right Hobbies

The article co-relates hobbies with professions and discusses how cultivating professionally relevant hobbies can be useful for development of your personal brand. 
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Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant with a holistic touch. To know more about him click here:-

Spiritual Healing - 3 ; Guest Blog by Dr Ferda Kaleagasioglu, Turkey

Knowing Yourself-Being Aware of Emotions
Fear, grief, guilt, despair, disgust, dislike, hate, rage, anger, shame, jealousy…
Emotions, emotions, emotions…
We are driven by our emotions, as we strive hard to fulfil our worldly desires. We become victims of our emotions, as we hopelessly cling to our addictions like relations, positions and habits.
ð    We cling to miserable and unhappy relations because we have no self-confidence, but we have fear, grief, hate, envy and disgust…
ð    We cling to devastating and embarrassing positions because we don’t act with self-respect, but we act with disappointment, anger, rage, despair, hatred…
ð    We cling to negative and destructive habits because we don’t feel self-worthy, but we feel guilty, ashamed, angry…
Just take a deep breath and think about your desires, then try to understand your emotions behind. What is your real need waiting to be gratified? Be aware of your emotions without any judgment about yourself.
“It’s easy to shield the outer bod…

Resume-The Most Powerful Branding Tool in Your Arsenal

Guest Blog Post by Rory Kelly Connor
Clear branding (powerful weapon of choice). Focused strategy (targeted and precise aim). Relationship building (team affiliations and reference points). Gaining access so as to create opportunities (qualifying for the competition). Reaching your audience so as to motivate action (hitting the target).

As a brand strategy expert and public relations (PR) pro for almost two decades, I assure you these factors are key elements to the success of any branding or PR campaign. Yet, repeatedly, I see these facets missing from the most powerful branding tool people have in their arsenal – their resume. In those cases, when they take aim at their next position, often times they don’t hit the target. Instead, they have already inadvertently shot themselves in the foot before they even got started. And the overall result in zero to limited response to resume submissions.
Choosing the Right Weapons
One of the first steps I take with new Career Coaching clients is t…

Interview With Ms Jennifer Sertl; President Agility 3R, Speaker, Author : Strategy, Leadership and the Soul

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series
(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)
Area of Thought Leadership-Corporate Consciousness
1) Tell us something about your book, “Strategy, Leadership and the Soul” In 2005 I met Koby Huberman my co-author at an amazing conference called Forum 21
Koby was speaking about "open space" technology and how he was using that method to create conversation circles in his own community between Arabs & Israeliss.
I was speaking on the topic "If You Want to Change the World, Change Your Life: Micro-shifts = Macro-impact".
We each had a plan on how to share all of the information we had learned and wanted to become accountability partners. In this we scheduled a call two times a month over Skype. I know Skype is popular now but in 2005 it was innovative to use.
Because our conversations were so rich we decided to have them transcribed. Over the course of two years …

Interview with Mr Benjamin Anyacho; Author, Speaker & Corporate Crisis Management Consultant

1) Tell us about your book, “Bold, Fresh Wine” Bold, Fresh Wine is a desperate cry for sustainable, cultural and societal transformation, nationally and globally. The national revival in the biblical Nineveh was short-lived. Since the book of Acts, the last 2000 years, transformation has been anything but sustainable—with few fingerprints. Why is it that city/national transformation is anything but sustainable? Why is it that when we go to those places we have witnessed awakening or transformation, they are worse than they were before the change took place? Do we really need transformation, be it cultural or spiritual? There’s something more! There are transforming revival, resurrection and relationship. Why do we stop at revival? Revival is not resurrection and relationship; visitation is not habitation. Can desperation and hunger move or fast-forward the timing of events? There is a different method of making the new wine? Not with the old wineskin. Are we at a tipping point of a sus…