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How Blogging Turned my Career and Life Downside up!

The article shares the author's journey as a Blogger and how Blogging transformed his life forever.
To read more click here:- How Blogging Turned my Career and Life Downside up!

Seven Steps to Global Success

Seven Steps (modules) to Global Success
Step 1
       Discover your Deepest Passion-Find Your Life's Purpose Discover your Deepest Passion Finding Purpose of Your Life

Step 2
       Writing Style-Expressing Yourself to the World Ezine Expert Author

       Step 3
       Social & New Media-Socializing Skills for Social Media
       a) The Basics and the Etiquette Personal Branding FAQ
       b) All about your CV and Linkedin Profile My Linkedin Profile
        (connections in 100 plus countries)        c) A-Z of Blogging How I created Internationally Popular Blog in just 6 months?
       d) Building & maintaining relationships on social media        (Using Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and Youtube to build your brand)

       e) Advanced Personal Branding Tools
       (Ebook, Personal Portal, E-newsletters and Media Relations)

       f) Collaboration and Revenue generation with Online tools

       Step 4
       Soft (and Life Skills) Coaching-The Softer Side

       Step 5
       Self Mastery-The …

Leading with Purpose

What is the purpose of business? How does a leader contribute to the purpose of the organization? These are two very critical questions and the answers are not easy. How narrow or broad the purpose of the leader is, equally narrow or broad is the purpose of the organization which he/she leads.
Helene Ploix, CMD, Pechel Industries and Pechel Industries Partenaires, France says, “I think the purpose of the business is to create wealth to the company and to create wealth for a larger number of people without harming the others. This should not be done just for yourself or for a few others, such as managers or owners. I think that the purpose of my own organization and for business in general is creating wealth for the largest number of people-to contribute.”
An organization is nothing but a group of people with defined roles and structures. To bring out the peak potential of the organization, the peak potential of each individual member of the organization must be harnessed. If the potenti…

How I Created Internationally Popular Blog in just Six Months?

"Blogging is like Sex. You can't fake it. You can't fake passion. You can't fake wanting to engage with public." Kevin Anderson.
In last week of December 2010, I started my Blog “The Joys of Teaching” and posted one article only in 2010. The series initially began with my experiences as a teacher. Later on I added some posts on life skills which I found lacking in few of my students. The Blog has 200 posts now, which make it an average of 20 Blogs per month (five per week including guest blogs).
I became a teacher due to my passion for teaching and the blog only reflected my passion. For the first 3 months I wrote all the posts but connected extensively on Linkedin internationally. Slowly well known people from all corners of the world, started showing interest in submitting guest posts. I may have personally moved towards the joys of coaching and consulting but the blog shall always remain my first love, the joys of teaching.
Then I started with a series, “Interest…

Put Your Career on Fast Track; Find a Coach

A coach can play so many roles in our life. He/she can be Co-Discoverer, Motivator, Advisor, Critique, Counselor, Trainer, Listener, Networker and a Friend-Philosopher-Guide. To Read more, click here:-

Put Your Career on Fast Track; Find a Coach

Noisy to Silent Mind

How Music Transformed My Life?

Dedicated to my musical friend Michael Thallium, Global & Greatness Coach, Spain
I must have been born with music inside me from day one. The moment I would hear music, it would either make me dance or would stir my soul. Some of my life’s most beautiful memories have a musical connection.
My maternal uncle introduced me to the world of English and other international music in childhood. I learnt it early that music is beyond language. So my favourite songs included a Bengali song, Ricky Martin (Ale, Ale, Ale), a load of The Beatles, Urdu ghazals, Turkish instrumentals, besides Hindi songs of course.
I loved Turkish instrumental cassette my childhood friend Amit Gupta brought from Libya. It was so soothing I would often play it while having meals. Music has given me company in the intense moments of loneliness; music has been a friend, philosopher and guide.
Two years back I got the courage to publicly sing on stage (though I would often sing with family and close friends earlier). I …

50 Life Skills to Move from Good to Great

Being thick-skinned Having an open mindBeing tight-lippedCapacity to maintain humilityCapability not to underestimate others - whoever it may beWillingness to be gratefulNever mix business with friendship - you should know where to draw lineJust do it. Take calculated risksSeek feedback from customers, industry, and experts.Identify your assumptions. Test your assumptions.Course correct based on a combination of data and intuition.Give back.Always be learning.Invest in yourself and those around you.Create a process for everything.Differentiate & innovateRemember 80/20 principleFocus. Don't sweat the small stuff.Delegate & outsource.Be clear & be specificHave passion & have a storyPlan.Manage your money.Evaluate problems from different perspectivesBe authentic & be vulnerable.Be a better person tomorrow than you were today. Always be improving your character.Reflect on what you did & how people reacted--but don't live in the past.Be optimistic. Be positi…

20 Dressing Tips for a Powerful Personal Brand

How I Discovered my Deepest Passion?

The post is a personal story of how i discovered my deepest passion. I have tried to give a step by step experience including the frustrations, what spurred me into action and how I finally found my true passion. To read click here:-
How I Discovered My Deepest Passion?

"Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained, and man can find every truth connected with his being if he will dig deep into the mine of his soul." ~ 
James Allen, 
As a Man Thinketh

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Noisy Mind, Silent Mind and.....a Journey of Miracles

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Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
- Albert Einstein

The mind consists of two parts viz conscious and subconscious (Freud calls it unconscious). To make it simple to understand we shall use the terms ‘noisy mind’ for conscious mind and ‘silent mind’ for subconscious mind. It is important to quieten the noisy mind to tap the wisdom and intuitive capabilities of the silent mind (you can call it soul, if you are spiritually inclined). Noisy mind is cluttered and hence confuses us and often ends up taking wrong decisions under stress. The silent mind is clear and comes up with perfect decisions. The more we exercise our silent mind, the faster decision making it can do. We need to have strong intention of what we wish to do (or decision we wish to make) and then leave it to the silent mind to come up with answers at its own pace.
The stress and pr…

7 Simple Steps to Discover Your Deepest Passion

How, Together, Can We Co-Create a Peaceful, Prosperous Planet?

‘Two perspectives’ is a monthly column with two different perspectives from two different continents, genders and cultures on the same topic viz.  from Janet Smith Warfield (based in Florida, USA) and  Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India).
Janet's Perspective Patriarchal systems are breaking down. Top down Communism no longer works. Top down democracy, bought by top down corporations, no longer works. Monarchies and dictatorships are being challenged and overthrown.
Women are waking up and starting to think for themselves. Women are no longer willing to accept the roles into which men have placed them: sex object, subservient wife, mother, cook, housekeeper, babysitter. Women are no longer willing to sit idly by and watch their husbands and sons be slaughtered by other womens' husbands and sons.
As women take back their power, men are waking up, too. They are beginning to respect the awesome female collaborative and cooperative power that can lead our entire planet away fro…

Are Indians capable enough to become Global Brands?

We began the process of liberalization, privatization and globalization in 1991 and this year we have completed 20 years. It is high time we introspect how successful we have been in becoming global brands.Have we been able to realize our peak potential. If no, what are the reasons we have not been able to make ourselves global brands?
For more click here:- Are Indians capable enough to become Global Brands?

Are You Coachable?

You Are Stuck. You Want Help. Yet, 'Are You Coachable?' A Guest Post on Coachability by Rory Kelly Connor

Recently, I was contacted via email for coaching support by a woman (let’s call her Sue) stuck in a job she loathed. Working for an international corporation with numerous locations and subsidiaries, Sue had moved around within the corporate framework, most recently taking a position out-of-state that required her to commute home on weekends. The new position was achingly dull and provided none of the career opportunities and challenges she longed to tackle. Combined with the bi-state living situation, her pain level was almost at the breaking point. Sue was stuck and needed help.

As is protocol, I scheduled a time to speak with Sue directly by Skype/phone during the following week. I also sent her a short list of questions to answer which would help provide more information for that discussion. I also asked that she send me her resume for my review.

The day before the compli…

Debunking Myths about Personal Branding-Two Angles

Japan & India-Personal Branding Across Two Cultures
Japan and India is a bi-monthly series on personal branding perspectives from Japan (Peter Sterlacci) and India (Dr Amit Nagpal)

Peter Sterlacci-Japanese Angle If you ask Japanese if they have heard of "personal branding," 99% of the time they will not know. Personal branding is simply not part of Japanese culture and so naturally people are not aware of it. When I explain what it is, I almost inevitably get a '2-part reaction'.     Part 1: "That sounds really interesting and Japanese people need to do this."     Part 2: "But, because we are Japanese maybe we cannot do it because...."
What usually follows the 'because' is one of a handful of myths about personal branding. Here are 4 of the most common myths and how I debunk them.
Myth 1: "I have to give up my group identity." This myth comes from Japanese being educated to be self-effacing and to put the group ahead of one’s own i…

People Who Have Inspired Me IV, Steve Jobs-Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

"I have Stayed Hungry, Foolish and Crazy"
Very often in our life, we do not realize how deeply someone has impacted our life, till the person is no more. No wonder they say that a man’s worth is known after his death.

Today as I came to know about Steve Job’s passing away many of his quotes flashed through my mind. I suddenly realized how strongly Steve has inspired me, how interwoven Steve’s quotes have been in my writings and how, many of Steve’s quotes had given me the courage to take huge risks in life.
Some people spend years with you, become your role models and provide encouragement face to face. This is quite understandable and the bonds have a logic and explanation. But some people who you never met, can touch your life so miraculously is something beyond explanation.
The second highest readership of my Blog comes from USA after India and the second highest source of my inspirations also comes from US after India. I never wanted to settle in USA but I have always respec…