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From Branding to Bonding-A Presentation

The process of brand building and bonding / connecting with clients — authorSTREAM (@authorSTREAM) August 25, 2014 From Branding to Bonding from DrAmit Nagpal

Dr Vipul Gupta-An Inspiring Success Story

An inspiring story of integrity, of pioneering efforts in neurosciences and mega success Dr Vipul Gupta-An Inspiring Success Story from Vipul Gupta

Data Data Everywhere and not a Drop of "Story"

I was fortunate to listen to  Dr Bala V Balachandran  sometime back. A US based management Guru and Faculty at Kellogs, he is the Founder of Great Lakes Institute of Management (and Co-Founder of MDI, Gurgaon and ISB, Hyderabad).  What struck me were Dr Bala's words, "Today there is obesity of data, yet starvation of information." There is too much data out there, still lack of relevant information and information presented properly in formats such as story. ( Read the full article on LinkedIn )