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Lucie Newcomb-Interview with the Global Leadership Guru

  Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview Series (Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into  Global Personal Brands) Dr Amit Nagpal-How do you help clients in creating new products?  Lucie Newcomb -Although we do help clients with product development, we are more focused on helping clients find new markets and, then, winning in those markets in both the short- and long-terms. This is why we have a horizontal framework, for pull-through: Global Markets Leadership (international marketing and foreign direct investment) and Global Individual and Team Leadership (change management, cross-cultural training, global leadership). We don’t want to be just a “launch and drop shop”, although we are quite good at this; we want to partner with our clients for embedded brands and revenue streams worldwide. Dr Amit- What specific strategies do you use to help clients implement changes that won’t be liked? Lucie- We conduct stakeholder interviews, generally, and then for

Interference: Goals, Growth and God

A Guest Post on Interference by Rory Kelly Connor Have you ever had someone walk into a room and the tension level rises to the point of uncomfortable anxiety? Where “you could cut the tension with a knife?” Or when you suddenly catch a stranger’s eye and are overcome with sexual frisson. I know you know what I mean. It’s palpable, the shift in energy from one vibration to another. One person can have an amazing effect on us, simply by entering our space.  We are all energy – our thoughts, our actions and our emotions. We are vibrating in a way that affects others, and everything around us. We manifest our energy just through presence, but also in what we think, what we say and what we do. Our tone of voice. Our intentions. Our desires. Our level of love or anger. We create a force field around ourselves that emanates a wavelength, which is a reflection of our level of consciousness. Picture that you are a wave of energy vibrating along at whatever level you have chosen. W

Transleadership Makes us Great-Two Opinions

This is a monthly column on becoming a great human being and has two opinions on the subject from western and eastern part of the world namely Michael Thallium from Spain and Dr Amit Nagpal from India. Michael Thallium, Spain If I want to write on transleadership, I can’t help mentioning Jennifer Sertl and Koby Huberman, co-authors of “Strategy, Leaership & The Soul” ( ), a book where I first learnt about transleadership. Almost a year ago, in “Jennifer Sertl & The Transleadership” ( ) I explained how I happened to know about Jennifer and back then I said she was an example of what a transleader is.  But what is a transleader?  In words of Jennifer and Koby: “He or she is currently -or prospectively- the CEO of a small-to-medium-sized business or the head of an organization of similar size, the person who has the primary responsibility for its

Michel Bauwens-Interview with the Peer to Peer (P2P) Pioneer

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series (Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands) Dr Amit Nagpal- What have been the recent achievements of P2P Foundation? Michel Bauwens -That’s a tricky question, as we are an advocacy organization that wants to promote a new paradigm. Essentially we are an observatory of open, participatory, and commons-oriented practices in every social field, or, as we also call it: peer production, peer governance, and peer property. We’ve collected 16,000 articles in our wiki, divided over two dozen subject domains, including spirituality and politics, which is being viewed by 26,000 people a day and reaching about 18 million viewers overall. I participate in about 30-40 events all over the world, and I believe that each time I speak, I have an impact, and so have other members of our network. What we do is being the librarians and ‘collective intellectual’ of this emerging movement, and I believe we do this ra

Mind Mapping for Clarity-Two Perspectives

Two Perspectives on Mind Mapping Dr. Janet Smith Warfield, Florida, USA and Dr. Amit Nagpal, New Delhi, India Dr. Janet Smith Warfield’s Perspective Mind mapping is a process that weaves together related thoughts and ideas to bring clarity and meaning into your life. You can do it in the privacy of your own home. Set aside a time when you won’t be interrupted. Get yourself a pen and a pad of paper and write down whatever thoughts flow through your mind. If you’re struggling with a problem, begin with that. If there’s something you want to bring into your life, begin with that. Do not censor your thoughts. If you censor your thoughts, you’ll stay stuck in exactly the same thought patterns that created the problem in the first place or prevented you from moving toward what you want to do with your life.  Remind yourself that no one except you has to see what you write. The thoughts that flow through your mind and onto your paper are for your eyes alone unless you choose

How I became one of the 100 most influential Indians online in just 1 year?

Once upon a time I was an average Indian living an average life. I was introduced to the power of blogging and digital marketing in December 2010 and since then I have not looked back. I decided to quit my job and become a full time Online Branding consultant one year back. I had two options viz. to set up an organization, hire staff and create a digital agency or to create my own personal brand and be an example to the people who want to develop personal brands (and thus get consulting/coaching business). I decided to use the latter option. Though I had created a Blog (this blog rather) six months back which had already got listed on but I was hardly devoting 2-3 hours a day with the pressures of a fulltime job. Since the Blog was a hit already, taking risk to quit my job was not a wild risk.  Moreover a digital marketing coach based in Mumbai was guiding me on how to use a step by step approach. The coach had excellent digital marketing knowledge and I

Social Media and the Future of Society

And How Personal Branding will Evolve in Future? Social Media is going to play a major role in globalization and evolution of our society. Many of these social trends are already visible and some of these trends will either emerge or become more prominent in future. These trends will cause macro shifts in the way we live and handle human relationships. So you must be having suspense by now that what are these trends and how are they going to impact personal branding in particular. So let us discuss these trends one by one. Social Trend 1-Creativity becomes more critical If your content goes viral on internet, you can transform overnight from a local company to a multinational by spending $50. Blentec based in Utah, USA has demonstrated this many years back as their Youtube videos with spontaneity and a unique theme caught the attention of the netizens across the world. A local personal brand can become a global personal brand, if your content goes viral. Impact on perso

10 Myths about Spirituality

Here are the 10 Myths and an explanation why they are myths only. Myth 1-Spirituality is serious and boring In fact it is the opposite. If spirituality is presented in the right way it is the most relaxing and gives absolute happiness unlike relative happiness gained from material objects and successes. Spirituality can be real fun. For example Nithya says a simple fact interestingly, “True education teaches you how to google your consciousness and find all your answers within.” Myth 2- Spirituality is taught by the uneducated (babas) who may not have intellectual capacity and understanding of real life and corporate world Not true anymore. There are spiritual teachers like Nithya Shanti who obtained an MBA from reputed XLRI institute and now he does corporate training and lecturing throughout the world Myth 3-Only unhappy people seek spirituality People who want lasting and absolute happiness seek spirituality. In fact spirituality seekers have above average intellig