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5 Secrets of Viral Marketing

Click here to add this blog to your feed (subscribe to Blog) How I Used Them To Get The Best Results? Almost at every workshop/training, I am asked, “How do you make your content viral?’ Though I believe, the focus should be on serving the audience, solving its problems and touching hearts & lives, here are five of my secrets, I am sharing for my loyal readers.  I also call them 5S of Viral Marketing viz Supercharge, Simplicity, Storytelling, Soulfulness and Spontaneity:- 1) Supercharge -We are drained of energy with the combination of high pressure jobs, family responsibilities and drab routines. Images, text and videos which energise us with their high energy content surely make a powerful impact. Take this example :- ( the most popular image on my social media, till now). What do you want in Life  129 shares 2) Simplicity -Content which is simple yet powerful, touches people more and hence shared virally. Let me give you few examples.  Look at these 2

Personal Branding for CXOs

  Click here to add this blog to your feed (subscribe to Blog) As personal branding makes a shy entry in India , CXOs and top entrepreneurs are naturally being the first to adopt it. The most important point to be kept in mind in this journey is that the primary focus should be the person and the secondary focus should be the brand. It goes without saying that the 'C' level executives must have 'A' level behavior & personality. The energy and the passion Whenever I meet a CXO or a top management professional, the first thing I notice is the positive or negative energy surrounding the person. It probably reveals the psyche of a person also, whether he/she believes, human beings to be basically good or bad. Though one can demonstrate one’s passion on mass media also, but success on social media is not possible without genuine passion (or the passion of the staff, you have outsourced it to). The role models Corporate world has very few role models and

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) And Bring Your Own Soul (BYOS)

BYOD, BYOS-So Ladies and Gentlemen, Bring Your Own Device and Bring (out) Your Own Soul. Office of the future and Employee of the future I was speaking at an event organised by IBM & Support Biz, (on Friday 14th June), at Chandigarh, India on "Social Media for SME entrepreneurs". A gentleman from Aircel talked about the office of the future where everyone will bring their own device (BYOD) to the workplace (smartphone, iPad) and organisations will not provide computers. I immediately thought of "Bring (Out) Your Own Soul". Will the employee connect with the deep self and bring out the soul and passion at work too? Long way to go, it seems, though some companies like Google area already encouraging their employees to work in their areas of passion.. What I See in the Future Probably the most interesting part of my interaction with CIOs at a recent event, was my prediction that IT and other pioneering industries in India will start m

Building a brand with innovative baby steps

SME entrepreneurs need to build personal and business brands simultaneously Guest Blog by Raj K. Pathak Creating right form of awareness among the target customer base often becomes challenging. For small businesses this is considered as a major challenge for their business growth.  I came across a small business entrepreneur from a small town of India, who is into the business of body care products like soaps, hand washes, shampoos etc. His vision for business expansion was very limited. He was sure that his products will face tough heat from well-established products from some of India’s leading FMCG companies. His only argument was that his products cannot pull new customers because he has no budgets for expensive advertising and marketing.  This is a common perception that most small business brands face. What most brands do wrong is that they refuse to invest time and energy in actually creating a brand identity that goes beyond logos and taglines. Brands identit