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Inspiration with a dose of fun

Inspiration with a Dose of Fun (Quotations by Dr Amit Nagpal) Simplify Life, Amplify Happiness Self help books are for the weak, for the strong would rather go for SELF MASTERY Quotations of successful and wise people are like astronaut food. Astronaut takes one capsule, lunch is over; You read one quote and the lesson for the day is done Life is simple. But the process of learning this is complicated What appears good may be bad and what appears bad maybe good. Life is a mystery He asked me, "What do you want in life?" I said, "I want LIFE in my life and if I get that rest will take care of itself." Read more such quotes on my Facebook Page Mastering Self with Life Mantras

The Joys of Mentoring

I have been very lucky to have a mentor in almost every job I had. And they have been really wonderful mentors. The first person who mentored me was Mr Ranjan Kaul at Sage Publications. He was a graduate of IIT Kanpur, a positive person and the right hand of the CEO Mr Tejeshwar Singh (well known DD anchor). Then I joined Sahara TV. At least 50 % of what I am today I have learnt at Sahara and most of it from one single man, Mr Shailendra Verma. He is just 10 years older to me but I touch his feet with genuine respect every time I meet him. Sometimes when your personal life is going through crisis, a mentor is one person, with whom you can share your struggles and sorrows. Next I was in ICFAI and Air Vice Marshal Mr Gurunathan mentored me. At 62 he had more energy than many colleagues half his age. Three months back, I shared a glass of beer with him at Madras Gymkhana Club. Frequently I have this urge to give him a call, listen to his powerful voice and I can actually visualise his a

How Students Teach You?

A friend of mine rightly remarked, "A teacher is one who is eternally a student, when he is not, the student becomes the teacher." I had recently put this on Facebook and my students have sent interesting comments. "When I thought I had found all the answers, life posed another question" I got very unexpected responses from my students. Here are some of them. Shikha Aggarwal Sir life is full of questions..and mind is full of them Varun Dhanda Life doesn't ask questions. It answers them :)) Mohit Ahuja One small philosophy of my own... "U are the answer to all your questions!” Dheera Likhi When there will be no questions left to be chased then don't u think life will be little monotonous and pointless rather lifeless. Nicole Gomes Life keeps testing people! I must say, students are maturing early these days. ________________________________________________ Dr Amit Nagpal is an Author, Trainer, Coach, Visiting Faculty & 

Give Respect, Get Affection; Give Affection, Get Respect

A Simple Approach to Relationships I shall forever remain indebted to Subrata Roy and his company Sahara for what I learned during my four year stint. I have had high respect for Japanese management style of equality but I still found myself a misfit in Sahara’s Japanese ways. Subrata Roy has written a book called ‘Sukh, Shanti and Santushti’ (Happiness, Peace and Satisfaction). There are few quotes/statements from the book which have left an indelible mark on me. He says, “Respect your elders/seniors and you will get affection, give affection to your younger/juniors and you will get respect.” No doubt it is common sense, but alas humans have to be reminded constantly of simple principles of life we conveniently choose to forget. He says no human relationship in this world is a relationship of equality. Even in a close friendship one person tends to dominate the other. And the one who dominates is respected and the one who is dominated gets affection in return. And about self-

Mentoring can happen on Facebook too

Here is an interaction I had with a student of mine on Facebook and it made me realize mentoring can happen on Facebook too. Student :-Being alone for sometime makes you realize your actual self.... Its a nice feeling!!! Me:- Introspection once in a while is good as long as u don’t do paralysis of analysis. Life is like a modern painting. If you try to understand it you can’t appreciate it Student:- now this is something which i really appreciate about can just make any statement look positive :) Student... :( :) :( :) :( :) ------- kabhi khushi kabhi gam... ;) (sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness) Me:-shuruat gham se kyon, khushi se kyon nahin (why begin with sadness, why not with happiness) I see a little girl in your face .......suppressed by a woman in your mind. Student:-u caught me again red handed..... :) Student:-at the end it's all about facts & it anything...relationship, business, self-assessment...anything!!! Me:- seems tru

Another Lesson Learnt

Though I am a Marketing Faculty, but I have always had a soft corner for soft skills. At one time, I was training students on "How to handle interviews" and conducting mock interviews mostly asking standard questions like Tell me about yourself, etc. One answer which has stayed back in my memory, gave me a fresh perspective. I had asked one student the typical question "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" The student answered "Boldness is my strength and boldness is my weakness". True, boldness applied in moderation or at the right place is a strength but rash boldness can put you in trouble and become your weakness. I was certainly impressed by the out of box approach. I gained a fresh perspective on how our strength can become our weakness and vice versa. Thank you, students. _______________________________________________ Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant with a holistic touch and an Inspirational Speaker. To know more about

Tuesdays with Morrie-Mentor and Mentee Relationship

A few days back, a student of mine gifted a book to me ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’  Yesterday I had a strong urge to read after a long time and I just picked this book. And lo it was all about mentor-mentee relationship which is my favourite topic these days. Morris (the teacher and mentor) understood his young and impassioned mentee Mitch and helped him see the world as a more profound place and gave him sound advice to guide his way through it. And then Mitch got busy with his career and forgot his mentor. But then they were brought together. The last class took with Morris on his deathbed and the subject was the meaning of life. No books were used and it was taught from experience. I would like to share some extracts with all of you. Extracts 1 When Morris discovered he had a fatal illness he told his students, “My friends I assume you are all here for the Social Psychology class. I have been teaching this course for twenty years and this is the first time I can say that the

Rapid Fire

The students had prepared well to outsmart me on Teachers Day function. They had done their research well and posed to me a tough session of Rapid fire (I was supposed to give immediate replies to their questions) The first question was Delhi or Pondicherry? I said, “Pondicherry (Unfortunately it does not have many career opportunities).” The second question : Mallika Sherawat or Rakhi Sawant? I said, “Mallika of course as she is from my native state Harayana.” The third question was ‘the two people in college you respect the most?’ I said, “Director and Dy Director (missed out my HOD) as being a management graduate I believe in hierarchies.”  The fourth question was toughest. Given a chance with whom you would like to make up and with whom you would like to fight. (I was between the devil and the deep blue sea but my wife came to my rescue. At that time my relationship graph with two key people was low). I said, “I like fighting with my wife and then making up.”  I had outsmarted them

Introspection Time

It is an open secret that the students do not take 'Acknowledgements' section of project reports seriously while corporate executives (project guides) with inflated egos give it undue importance. As I have a habit of checking things in detail, I was reading an acknowledgement which conveniently missed out 'c' from the word 'faculty' The line said 'I would like to thank all my faulty members'. Students have a habit of copying the acknowledgement section. So as I read one project after another everybody had declared us as faulty.   I informed all my colleagues and jokingly told them that it was introspection time. In the internet age the students are well informed and faculty needs to have command on the subject to get genuine respect of students. _______________________________________________ Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant with a holistic touch and an Inspirational Speaker. To know more about him click here