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Robots Network, Humans ‘Bond’

Are humans becoming robotic and robots becoming human. Are robots   gaining artificial intelligence, and humans losing natural intelligence .  Isn't this the contradiction of our times? Do robots network and humans bond? Read Full Article on LinkedIn

Goodbye Networking, Hello 'Bonding'

If you interact with CXOs, top bureaucrats and leaders, senior journalists, top entrepreneurs and so on, networking does not work much. If you deal with high value clients, networking does not help much either. What works then, you must be wondering. I would say, time to bid goodbye to networking and say hello to ‘Bonding’. Bonding is the Vitamin-Connect The inspiration for the title of this article comes from Cliff Richard’s song, “Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha.” Yes as we gain puberty and hormonal changes take place in the body, we feel a strong physical attraction for the opposite gender. And it is time to say Goodbye Sam (for guys). Similarly one fine day, we grow from young professionals to mature professionals. Irrespective of age, we develop a mature mindset-the mindset of evolving from Networking to ‘Bonding.’ And then the time has come to say, “Goodbye Networking, Hello Bonding.” ( Read the Full Post on LinkedIn )

And two Americans came and taught me 'Bonding'

Let me tell you an interesting story. The story is about two amazing people who have influenced and coached me  Jennifer Sertl  (President, Agility 3R) and  Michael Margolis (Chief Instigator, Get Storied) and the coincidence is that they both are Americans. They have played an important role in my journey and influenced my evolution  from branding to bonding. The American Stereotype I have always been told that USA and its citizens are loyal only to their interests and not to nations and people. I have read articles on how an American asked for a connection fee for connecting people and similar blah blah. The mass media has always given me the impression as if Americans are the most mean people in the world. I have been a victim of stereotyping myself and can empathize with anyone who does not belong to the stereotypes they are associated with. I wrote  an ode to Jennifer  about the ways she has influenced me and keep joking with her, “I am so proud, “I made an ‘American’ Cry”

"America Born Confused Desi" and Other Stories

Mini-Stories and Musings on Wisdom & Love Wisdom ABCD (America Born Confused Desi) The young NRI is in India in search of truth. So he meets a sage and asks a question which has been troubling his mind for years. "O Master please tell me what to do. American culture tells me to be loyal to those who deserve it. Indian parents tell me to be loyal whatsoever. What do I do? This time I am truly feeling like a "America Born Confused Desi." he notes. The Master, "Loyalty is of two types. There is 'emotional loyalty' which flows naturally because of love or support you received. And there is 'logical loyalty' which tells you to be loyal for your own interest. So listen to your inner voice." He adds, "Logical loyalty is sometimes painful and you have to be strong enough to bear the may pay you in the long run....yet there are no guarantees." ------------------------------- -------------------------

Leadership Lessons from The Wizard of Oz

  Guest Blog post by Kevin Fickenscher Author-Toto’s Reflections: The Leadership Lessons from The Wizard of Oz Stories are a very powerful source of metaphors for commentary on life.  Leadership represents an area where there is a plethora of material – some useful and much forgotten – with too few stories. The confluence of a story that is beloved by all and filled with poignant observations on leadership lessons from which we could all benefit is embodied in The Wizard of Oz. In particular,  I've  always been struck by the power of little Toto who – aside from Dorothy – is the only other character in the story who is literally present throughout the entire journey from beginning to end.  More importantly, he was an observer.  He listened.  He allowed – even encouraged – those around him to be active leaders at various points in the story.  Toto exemplified the very best in leadership.  In fact, he was a leader’s leader!  In writing Toto’s Reflections: T

From Branding to Bonding-The Personal Branding Journey

Introduction The paradox is that trying to build a brand does not build a brand. What rather builds a brand is mindful content, passionate engagement and soulful collaboration. What builds a brand is perception enhancement over a period of time, sharing our achievements as inspiring stories. What builds a brand is our actions and consolidating our successes. What builds a brand is our love and passion for our domain, the excitement in our speech and the joy in our personality. The two hour talk will focus on:- · The paradox of branding · Personal Branding on social media-The Starting Point · Understanding our audience and its psychology · Enlarge as a collaborator, Excel as a communicator, Evolve into a story narrator · "From Branding to 'Bonding'"-The Journey · From deeper wisdom to deeper connection with customers · Holding your hand in the storytelling journey-The mentor Key takeaways -How to create

Dr Vipul Gupta-Integrity First, Success Later

In nothing do men more nearly approach the Gods than in giving health to men. ~Cicero Do we lack role models in India, who have achieved mega success with integrity and without short cuts? The role models are few, yet they exist nevertheless, the path is tougher, yet there exists a path nevertheless. You don’t need to escape abroad anymore and can rather find inspiration to write your own success story from professionals like Dr Vipul Gupta, who are worth emulating. Who knows this may inspire your turning point and you end up writing your own mega success story. Neurosurgery and neurosurgeons, have always been awe-inspiring to me. Why not? The mind and brain have always fascinated me (or fascinate all of us rather). So those who perform intricate surgeries on this most delicate part of human body, are no less fascinating people. Dr Vipul Gupta is currently Head – NeuroInterventional Surgery (Interventional Neuroradiology) in  Medanta-The Medicity , one of Asia’s b

So what, if you failed at meditation. Not a big deal

Very often clients and friends have shared that they fail at meditation, in spite of sincere attempts. Nothing to worry. Meditation is only one of the contemplative practices. Depending upon your learning style and personality, you may find it easier to contemplate using a variety of practices such as journaling, music, dance or deep listening. For more details, visit this site and check the tree of contemplative practices and links to the page with detailed description. Storytelling is also a relational contemplative practice, as per the description. If you are eager to learn storytelling, you can download the free eBook, "I too want to be a storyteller" here:- Happy contemplation. Happy Storytelling. ----------------------- Profile Dr Amit Nagpal is an Online Branding Expert, Social Media Influencer &  renowned Storyteller . His unique skill lies in inspiration