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Trust Makes us Great

Two Opinions on Trust
This is a monthly column on becoming a great human being and has two opinions on the subject from western and eastern part of the world namely Michael Thallium from Spain and Dr Amit Nagpal from India.

Michael Thallium, Spain
I have no doubts that trust makes us great. In an environment where trust is high, you can do things faster and at a lower cost. We all can learn to trust not just to do things faster and at a lower cost, but to create joy, prosperity and to feel energized. The ability to learn is itself very learnable, specially at a young age. That is why it is essential to help young people to be smarter and trust. However, we all can learn how to trust regardless of our age. And believe me, it is not that hard but it isn’t easy either! It requires time, effort and commitment. Of course, the first person you have to start with is yourself: “Do you trust yourself?” and “Who trusts you?”
Now you may be wondering, “but how can you trust in a low-trust world?” To…

Meditation and the Sub-Conscious Mind

Why do most of the people start meditating to reduce stress rather than find joy? Does meditation have any benefits except stress management? Should we not meditate as a proactive measure to find joy and connect with our inner selves? Is there a scientific reason why people get inspirations and creative ideas during deep meditation? Has meditation got some relationship with the sub-conscious mind? These were some of the questions troubling me few years back and I began to search for answers.
The answers came from inside and outside. Inside means the inner voice which told me how was I getting transformed through meditation aided by shift in mindset. Outside means the scientific research which was validating my conclusions and experiences.
I started with the crudest form of meditation which is chanting. For two years the benefits were so inconspicuous and invisible that I hardly noticed the transformations. It was only after regular practice of chanting for one hour every day (along wit…

Raising Levels of Consciousness for Personal Growth

Levels of consciousness
David R. Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force talks of a hierarchy of levels of human consciousness. You can also find out your level of consciousness, based on your current life situation. From low to high, the levels of consciousness are: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment. While we keep shifting from one state to other, usually there’s a predominant state, in which we stay most of the time.
‘Courage’ is the first positive level and if you are reading this post, you must be at least at this level since you are aspiring for personal growth. You become disciplined and start looking for productivity increase when you reach the level of ‘Willingness’. You accept the responsibility of your role in the world when you reach the level of ‘Acceptance’ and awaken to your purpose of life when you reach the level of ‘Love’.
Eckhart Tolle describes the state of ‘Joy’ co…

Mega Success Through Social Media & Online Branding

Here is my best of the best content aggregated for the readers on mega success through social media & online branding:-Personal Branding

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Spirituality, Social Media and Personal Branding
Spirituality and personal branding-what the hell are you talking, you have gone bonkers”, you must be thinking this. Before you curse me further, let me explain this.(Read more)
Personal Branding FAQ and Myths
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Todd Nielsen-Leadership and Execution Guru

Dr. Amit Nagpal:Todd, welcome to the chat. Why did you name your Blog as 'A Slice of leadership'?

Todd Nielsen: Thanks Amit. Leadership is a fascinating topic to me and the intricacies of leadership run far and wide. 

A blog is a place to explore a topic or topics in small increments, so I felt the analogy of consuming small "slices" to be a good fit for consuming the enormous topic of leadership and self-development.

Dr. Amit:Interesting and true! I find western cultures are far better in execution and Indians (and other easterners) are great at conceptualizing but often need to improve on execution. What makes westerners good at execution? Is it experience, exposure or a managerial rather than a creative bent? Todd: That is interesting that you mention that, as execution is the niche that I serve and do workshops and speeches on. Execution is the foundational problem in which almost all other problems in business originate? It could be poor sales, poor service, poor mo…

Irene Becker-International Pioneer in Coaching

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview Series (Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)

Dr Amit Nagpal: Irene, Tell us something about 3Q edge. Irene Becker: The 3Q Edge refers to three critical areas of strength that I believe are important to life and leadership in the 21st Century.  Areas of strength that can be developed/built using not only our potential but the challenges we face as catalysts for positive growth.  Q1 IQ-Intellectual capacity under stress   Q2 Emotional Intelligence   Q3 Spiritual Quotient-our alignment to our highest power, our greatest values.

Dr Amit: How do you assess your client's potential? Irene : I have an intake and assessment process which not only allows me to best understand the client's areas of strength and also challenges that can be transformed into Q strengths, but their goals/objectives.  I also have excellent tests and assessments that I use.

Dr Amit: Tell us how we can create enlightened businesses. How can…

John Murphy-Sage Leadership and Change Management Guru

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series
(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)
Dr Amit Nagpal-Tell us about your leadership retreats aimed at creativity, innovation, balance and transformation.
John Murphy-I offer a variety of leadership workshops, ranging from 1-5 days. These experiential events teach people how to empower and free themselves from self-sabotaging mental and emotional energetic constraints. They aim to help people transcend fear-based ego thinking, scarcity mentality and victim-consciousness. As a result, participants tap into more of their true potential. Creativity and innovation are sparked when we learn to “let go” and adapt a more playful, spirited energy. Healthy balance is restored when we say goodbye to the emotional and mental baggage weighing us down. The process of enlightenment is enhanced when we learn to let go of fear, stress, anxiety, doubt, and disbelief. The techniques I teach and the exercises we use in our r…